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Domain hosting is a process by which companies or individuals can secure a website address – known as a domain name – and commission a company to host it on the internet. It is then up to the webmaster of that domain name to build and develop a website which is linked to from the registered domain name. When web visitors type in the web address of the specified domain, they will be directed to the associated website.

Domain names or web URLs are just site names that one enters in order to get access to a website. In technical terms, a website address comprises of a long sequence of specific numbers known as an IP address and the domain name is just a mask of that IP address. In short, domain names are just an easy reference to a site’s numerical location, so that the site’s visitors do not have to remember a complicated sequence of numbers in order to access it. They can also give the visitor a real idea of what the website will be about something very important for driving visitors to a site, and something that a set of numbers could not possibly do.

Purchasing a domain name and then hosting it on the internet are two separate processes, either done by the same or separate domain hosting companies, depending on which option is chosen. Some webmasters prefer to register their domain name and have their site hosted by the same domain hosting company as they like the idea of having everything administered by the same hosting organisation. Others prefer to purchase a domain from a website hosting company specializing in domain registration, many of whom charge less than if they were to buy it from the hosting company that they choose to host their site with. It is possible to move domains from a domain hosting company to company with relatively little cost or hassle, but is always worth checking each individual domain hosting company’s procedures before you go with them.

Free domain hosting services

For novice webmasters who cannot afford to buy hosting plans, the option of hosting their domain with a free domain host may be an attractive one. There are many that can be found on blogs and forums across the internet. These free web hosting companies should be approached with caution however. Firstly, you cannot use you own domain name in the web address or email address, as the company will insist that you use their details. Another downside of these free web hosts is that you may be obliged to fill your web site up with their advertising banners something that will detract from your brand identity, overall look and functionality of your website.

If you are serious about your business or project, you really should opt to have an individual domain name which refers to the products or services offered on your related website. That way people can easily find your website and just by reading your domain name can have an indication of what it is you do. It is also advisable to have a clean and crisp website within which you have control over what adverts or marketing, if indeed any are featured. Thus it is advised to host your domain name and website with a reputable domain hosting company.

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