Different Types of Server Hosting and Their Usability

According to the content, size, projected growth and expected traffic of your website, your web master can determine whether you should choose shared server or dedicated server hosting. Dedicated servers are those servers that exclusively serve a single client, whereas shared hosting involves a number of websites being hosted on the same server – a cheaper yet less flexible option to dedicated hosting.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers offer complete disk space and processing speed. By having a dedicated server you can have complete control and flexibility over what you install on the server as well as greatly enhance your website’s performance.

This type of web hosting can be unmanaged or managed. If you choose managed hosting, aside from building the physical server, your webhost will also provide other services such as system administration, maintenance, upgrades and also set up some software.

If you choose unmanaged dedicated hosting, then the responsibility of building, supporting and making any changes to your dedicated server will be down to you. Normally you will not receive any technical support from the hosting company that you purchased the server from. The costs will however be lower than with a fully managed dedicated server.

Thus when choosing a dedicated server, you should ensure that you will receive the level of support service that meets the needs of your business or project.

Shared Servers

A smaller website with a small to average amount of expected traffic should go for a shared server. Hosting a website on a shared server is a lot cheaper than a dedicated server, but you will receive limited bandwidth, data transfer, disc space and speed. Webhosting companies make use of shared servers to host a number of websites that can be related to completely different businesses.

The main benefit of shared server hosting is that you only have to pay for a small amount of space for your website – unlike with a dedicated server, where the cost will be much greater as you are paying for a greater amount of space. The charges of shared hosting highly depend upon the location of the hosting company and services offered.

Virtual Private Server

Another kind of hosting server is Virtual Private Server that can also be utilized for website hosting, instead of setting up a separate computer for this purpose. In VPS, a single physical server is divided into multitude servers with unique capacities and appearance, as different entities. Every server possesses its operating system and can also be rebooted independently. VPS is helpful for those sites that control huge number of interactive media. It is also appropriate for those clients who need to install parallel sites.

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