Developing Websites for Linux Web Hosting

Linux is the most popular operating system for web hosting because it is able to offer a combination of reliability with a choice of open source applications and components that will enable web developers to create web applications that make the most of what the operating system has to offer. As a Linux web hosting customer you won’t have to pay much for your hosting package because Linux web hosting services are often the cheapest web hosting services available from most web hosting companies; however, you should still expect to pay a reasonable sum for VPS servers and dedicated servers. Developing a website for Linux web hosting will take time depending on your experience, with the most professional web developers having the ability to create a dynamic database-driven website in an incredibly short amount of time. The main tools of the trade for creating websites suitable for hosting on Linux are PHP and MySQL, with PHP being a popular open source scripting language and MySQL being a highly scalable database hosting solution; these features are common to all Linux web hosting services and are usually utilized in conjunction with the Apache web server to offer a capable and proven development solution.

Technologies for Linux Web Development

There are several different applications and technologies that will aid your Linux web development experience to allow you to develop highly useable and functional web applications, these include:

  • Apache – if you require a scalable web server application that will be able to cope consistently with high loads without putting pressure on the resources that you have available then Apache is the application for your website – as an open source application you won’t have to pay to use Apache on Linux, but one of the main benefits of this web server is that you can also use it for free on your desktop machine if you want to test your website before uploading it to a live environment – Apache is highly expandable with there being additional components and modules available if you wish to make the application more secure or if you wish to add support for an additional scripting language
  • PHP scripting language – in order to develop a dynamic website you will require knowledge of a particular web scripting language, with the recommended language for Linux development being PHP – this is an easy to use scripting language and will run without any issues from the outset on any server running the Apache web server – you can also integrate PHP web scripts with the features and components of Linux distributions with ease, an ideal solution for those wishing to tap into their server’s resources at a higher level to create more stable web applications that can offer greater functionality
  • MySQL database server – if you are wanting to create a truly dynamic website then it is important for you to have a database backend that you can use that will be able to store the information that you feel every web script will need to manage – MySQL provides you with a central location in which you can store all of the data that you require so that it can be accessed from any web script that you create that has access to the database – the benefit of MySQL databases is that you can easily password protect them using user accounts to ensure that only authorized users are able to see the content that is stored within your MySQL databases.

Hosting Websites on Linux

Hosting websites in a Linux web hosting environment will offer you a reliable hosting experience accompanied by access to features and components that will mean that it is easy to develop feature-rich websites. Linux provides you with the perfect platform for hosting simple static HTML websites or dynamic database driven websites, making a basic Linux shared hosting package ideal for beginners right up to the most experienced web developers. Any good web hosting provider will feature cPanel control panel access as one of the perks of using its web hosting services, with cPanel offering advance features for Linux hosting that just aren’t available with other Linux web hosting control panels. As cPanel is available with most Linux web hosting packages, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the control panel so that if you do come to use it, you will be able to make the most of it when it comes to using cPanel in the long term.

In conclusion, developing websites for Linux web hosting is easy for beginners as you can easily create a simple static HTML website. If you wish to take web development further then you can capitalize on the core features of PHP and MySQL to create dynamic database-driven websites that will allow you to take your business’s website to the next level. As opposed to static websites, database driven websites offer you the opportunity to develop web applications such as online stores so that your customers can order your goods or services online, providing you with an extra course of income as well as another way in which your customers will be able to contact you.

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