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Dedicated servers can provide you with a highly reliable web hosting service that can offer both security and reliability. Dedicated server hosting is a service that is offered by numerous web hosting providers meaning that there is a large pool of different dedicated servers for you to choose from depending on what your requirements are. Windows dedicated servers are available for use by Windows web developers who require a dedicated Windows web hosting environment; however, for those who are looking for a cheaper and more cost effective solution then there are Linux dedicated servers available from most web hosting providers. Although dedicated servers can be expensive, it is important to consider that a dedicated server is the only form of physical web hosting available.

How can using a dedicated server benefit me?

Dedicated servers are able to offer both businesses and individuals that have complex web hosting requirements with many advantages that will aid them in having their web hosting requirements met. The main advantages of using dedicated servers include:

  • Reliability – dedicated servers are able to provide you with a greater level of reliability meaning that if you require a web hosting service capable of offering high levels of uptime, a dedicated server is the right form of web hosting for you – most web hosting providers now have reliability as one of their main aims since it is linked directly to customer satisfaction since most customers aren’t going to be impressed if the web hosting service that they are paying for isn’t available – as most businesses rely on their web presence to provide them with income in one way or another, a highly reliable web hosting service is recommended and this is why dedicated server hosting has become to be so popular
  • Security – a dedicated server can also provide you with a highly secure web hosting environment which can be beneficial to businesses that use their websites to process personal data to any extent, for example online shops that are processing customers’ credit card details – there are many measures that you can take to help guarantee the security of your web hosting environment and by using a dedicated server you can be sure that you will only have to worry about the security of your own website and won’t have to worry about any other users or websites compromising the security of your own website
  • Dedicated web hosting environment – although the dedicated web hosting environment provided by a dedicated server can benefit you in terms of reliability and security, a dedicated web hosting environment will also allow you to install any applications of your choice on your dedicated server meaning that your server will function in the way that you want it to – however, it is important to ensure that any third-party applications that you do install on your dedicated server comply with your web hosting provider’s AUP (Acceptable Usage Policy) as otherwise you could find yourself having your server suspended – on the other hand you also need to consider the specifications of your dedicated server since it may not be powerful enough to run certain applications.

The advantages of dedicated servers show that a dedicated server can offer good value for money to larger businesses that have a large amount of money to spend on their web hosting services.

Are there any disadvantages to using dedicated server hosting services?

Although dedicated servers are designed to offer small businesses many benefits over using existing forms of web hosting that are available, there are disadvantages to using dedicated servers that you need to be aware of. Such disadvantages could include:

  • Price – the cost of a dedicated server can be off-putting to some people as dedicated server hosting is generally the most expensive form of web hosting available as dedicated servers are the only physical form of web hosting available in any situation – the price of your dedicated server will vary depending on the specification that you have chosen to use with low specification dedicated servers being much cheaper than high specification dedicated servers – if you find the price of dedicated servers off-putting then there are different measures that you can take to help reduce the amount that you pay for your dedicated server such as by going for an unmanaged dedicated server over a managed dedicated server and considering a Linux server rather than a Linux server
  • Management – if you wish to be able to make the most of the dedicated server that you have purchased then it is going to be important for you to be able to manage your dedicated server properly – if you have managed dedicated servers in the past then it makes sense for you to choose the server operating system that you have the most experience with since this will allow you to make the most of both the operating system and dedicated server – if you have never managed a server to any extent before then fear not as there will be managed dedicated servers available from most web hosting providers, although if you wish to use a managed dedicated server then you will need to pay quite a bit more
  • Resource assignments – although dedicated servers have the ability to offer large resource assignments that can outstrip those that are offered by lower end forms of web hosting, for most the resources that a dedicated server has to offer are just too much meaning that they are going to have spare resources that they won’t be using – for some this can mean that dedicated server hosting doesn’t offer good value for money, but for larger businesses the resources that there are to offer are perfect since it means that they can run their large scale web applications without having to worry about impacting on other users.

In conclusion, the price of a dedicated server is the main disadvantage of using dedicated server hosting but for larger businesses that dedicated server hosting is aimed at, the cost of a dedicated server is only going to be a drop in the water to them.

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