Dedicated Hosting for Beginners

There are a number of reasons to move your website to a dedicated server. Perhaps your business is using a large database or program which takes up more memory than is permitted on a shared hosting platform, or you may want the flexibility and control to add certain extensions, software and features to your website(s); a process which again shared hosting could not accommodate.

Or perhaps you are web hosting reseller who needs to host a large number of websites, many of whom require a sizeable amount of space and so you would prefer your own server.

Not only should you identify a sound business reason for choosing dedicated hosting, you also need to identify whether you need Linux or Windows dedicated server hosting?

The main reason for adopting Windows hosting is if your site(s) is/are coded using, Classic ASP or SQL server databases. If you don’t need these requirements, then you should consider Linux, as it is an extremely stable web hosting platform.

You should also take into account how much RAM you would need to run your initiative successfully on a dedicated server.

Managed dedicated servers

Usually webmasters who have their own dedicated server will have some degree of technical knowledge. However, one area they don’t need to be technically savvy in is the set up their dedicated server. This is done from the company providing the dedicated server. They will do the initial set up of the dedicated server’s hardware and provide the control panel for administering your dedicated server.

They will also provide customer support for your dedicated server and this is seen by many as one of the biggest advantages of purchasing a dedicated server. As you will be paying more than a traditional shared hosting customer, it is possible that you will receive a higher degree of customer support. You may receive 24/7 Live chat and your own Dedicated Account Manager. They will be on hand to answer any technical or sales related queries you may have on your dedicated server. To add to your peace of mind, you may also receive 24/7 server monitoring thus ensuring a high uptime % for your website(s).

Along with a more personal support service, you can purchase a number of other features to enhance your dedicated server. These include loading balancing, managed firewalls and backups.


There are a number of benefits to purchasing a dedicated server.

Dedicated server hosting provides unprecedented power, control and flexibility. A dedicated server is often the choice for those who need more scope than is usually provided by a shared hosting environment.

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