Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting services are offered by most web hosting providers and are there to meet the demanding requirements of businesses and individuals who are running large websites. Dedicated hosting is generally its own category and encompasses other forms of web hosting – the main two forms of dedicated hosting available being VPS server hosting and dedicated server hosting. Dedicated hosting services in general are able to offer users higher levels of reliability and security, which makes dedicated hosting popular with businesses requiring hosting for mission critical websites that are processing personal data to an extent.

What are the main forms of dedicated hosting available?

There are two main forms of dedicated hosting offered by a majority of web hosting providers, these two being:

  • VPS server hosting – a VPS server is the ideal solution for you if you are looking to upgrade from reseller web hosting or require a dedicated web hosting solution for a low cost – a VPS server can offer you similar advantages to what a dedicated server can offer you but at a much lower cost and within the context of a virtual environment rather than a physical environment
  • Dedicated server hosting – a dedicated server is generally the choice of businesses and individuals who have larger budgets for their web hosting services but can also justify the cost of a dedicated server – due to a number of different factors including the fact that a dedicated server is a piece of physical hardware, dedicated server hosting services can be rather expensive in some cases.

Although VPS server hosting and dedicated server hosting can offer you the same advantages to an extent, both are based on different platforms which will have an effect on what you receive for your money as well as what you are able to do with your chosen form of web hosting. A VPS server will be hosted in a virtual hosting environment along with a number of other VPS servers, whereas a dedicated server on the other hand is a physical piece of hardware.

What are the benefits of using dedicated hosting services?

There can be many benefits to be had from using dedicated hosting services regardless of whether you are a business or individual. The main benefits of using dedicated hosting services include:

  • Higher level of reliability – both a VPS server and dedicated server will be able to offer you a higher level of reliability and this is one of the key reasons for most people considering dedicated web hosting services – since dedicated hosting services provide you with your own dedicated hosting environment, there is no need for you to worry about other users affecting you in any way
  • Higher level of security – a dedicated hosting service can also offer you a higher level of security since you aren’t going to be sharing any of your major resources with anyone else meaning that if you secure your VPS server or dedicated server to a good extent then you won’t have to worry about anyone gaining unauthorized access to your server
  • More flexibility – a dedicated hosting service can offer you greater flexibility in what you are able to achieve with your web hosting service – since you have your own dedicated hosting environment and dedicated resources you are able to install any applications of your choice, just as long as the application concerned doesn’t breach your web hosting provider’s AUP.

The benefits of using dedicated web hosting mean that if your existing web hosting service is letting you down in areas that are important to you including those that are listed above, there is a form of web hosting available to fulfill your requirements where they need to be met.

In conclusion, dedicated hosting services are recommended for you if you feel that shared hosting services aren’t able to meet your requirements to a good extent. Having your own dedicated hosting environment will be able to offer you a level of flexibility not possible with any form of shared web hosting. Although dedicated hosting services can be expensive in some cases, in the long term you will find the investment to be of benefit to you.

It is important for you to be fully aware of your requirements when choosing a dedicated web hosting service so that you are able to choose a VPS server or dedicated server that is of the right specification for you.

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