cPanel Server Hosting

cPanel is a popular control panel that is used by web hosting companies who wish to offer web hosting in a Linux environment and cPanel is seen by most as being the most popular control panel available for Linux web hosting. When purchasing a Linux server, you will be given the option to have a control panel installed for you; although there are various other control panels to choose from, cPanel server hosting will provide you with the resources and utilities that are necessary to host multiple domains under their own client accounts. If you are looking to start your own web hosting company then cPanel is the ideal control panel to use because as well as allowing you to create your own web hosting client accounts, you can also develop your own web hosting plans based on the resources that you wish to provision to your own customers; this allows you to keep tight control around the resources that you wish to keep spare but also allows you to be generous with the resources assignments that you provide to your web hosting clients. Most web hosting companies can offer Linux VPS server hosting for those who are on a lower budget than those wishing to use Linux dedicated server hosting; although both can provide you with a dedicated web hosting environment, the resources available in both cases will differ greatly.

Reliable Web Hosting

cPanel is a very stable control panel and integrates well with other Linux services to provide you with a seamless yet easy to use management system that can handle a good number of websites without overloading the hosting server or crashing. The control panel has been designed with the Linux operating system in mind meaning that stability has been put before anything else, and applications such as Apache and Exim have been modified to work with cPanel properly. There are two different versions of cPanel available to suit your particular server hosting situation; if you are using a Linux VPS server than the optimized version of cPanel will be the best control panel for your needs because it has been designed with Linux VPS servers in mind and will have a small usage footprint, whilst the extended version of the control panel will allow the users of Linux dedicated servers to make the most of what their server has to offer them. By combing server hosting, a reliable form of web hosting, with a reliable application such as cPanel, you are able to create a hosting environment capable of supporting high loads without buckling under the pressure.

PHP Hosting

If you are looking to host a PHP website on a Linux server hosting environment then cPanel will be the best control panel to aid you with this because you will be provided with features that will aid you with the management of your PHP applications that their related MySQL databases. PHPMyAdmin is a popular MySQL database management tool and can be accessed through cPanel meaning that you will be able to manage your databases without the need to use a desktop database application; by managing your databases through your web browser, PHPMyAdmin allows you to control the contents of your MySQL databases from any location that has an internet connection and a computer with a web browser installed. cPanel will also provide you with access to a File Manager that will allow you to set the correct permissions on the files and folders within your server and web space; when developing dynamic web applications one of the main causes of errors tends to be permissions problems, and if you are able to iron these out beforehand then you can save yourself a lot of time from troubleshooting.

Add-ons and Expansion

cPanel is one of the easiest control panels to expand as it provides you with numerous options for creating add-ons and plugins that you can develop to suit your advanced web hosting needs. There are many third-party plugins available that will allow you to enhance cPanel and introduce new levels of performance. One of the most popular add-ons for cPanel is Fantastico; this is an application that allows your web hosting clients to install a variety of open source and commercial scripts on their website with a few clicks, if you install scripts manually then you have to go through the process of setting up databases and ensuring the correct permissions are set but if you use an application such as Fantastico then this is all done for you automatically. Another popular add-on used by a large collection of web hosting companies is called RVSkins; this allows you to provide your reseller hosting clients with a wide variety of skins that can be applied to the cPanel control panel for their own clients – you can also use this to develop your own skins to ensure that the client side control panel is custom-branded.

cPanel can also be integrated into popular billing systems that will allow you to setup processes to allow automatic account creation and other functionality so that you can make the most of what cPanel server hosting has to offer. As a web hosting business it is important to have as many processes automated as possible so that you can focus your manpower on more important tasks. As well as automatic account creation, some billing systems can suspend and delete cPanel accounts as appropriate to meet the requirements of your billing policies.

In conclusion, cPanel server hosting is recommended for those who wish to start their own web hosting business because it provides you with a reliable and stable platform on which you can host your web hosting clients knowing that you will be able to meet the uptime guarantee that you have provided them with. By having your own server you will be able to have full control of the applications that are installed meaning that you can choose to offer additional features that aren’t provided by other web hosting companies if you wish to make your web hosting packages differ from those offered by others.

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