Configuring a Server Hosting Service

There are many different hardware features that make up a VPS server hosting service or a dedicated server hosting service and it is important for you to get the right balance of resources and features so that you are able to configure a server hosting solution that you can deem as appropriate for your needs. Although a VPS server may perform differently to a dedicated server, the principles are still the same and you are still provided with guaranteed resources that can be scaled as per your requirements. Dedicated servers can be a lot harder to configure during the order process because as well as being presented with multiple hardware options, there are different hardware configurations to choose from such as different hard drive configurations (such as RAID). As with any form of web hosting, you will also be presented with a choice of operating systems; Linux and Windows are offered by most web hosting companies providing dedicated web hosting and it is important for the choice to be there because all web hosting customers will have different technical requirements when you consider the number of different applications and scripting languages that are available for use these days.

Choosing the Correct Resources

Depending on how busy your website is, you will require more of one particular resource than another and it is important to ensure that the resources that you choose can scale with the size of your website. Although your website may not be the busiest of websites, if you are using a large amount of multimedia content with your site including large video files and images then you are going to require a large amount of hard drive space; a single 1TB hard drive will be more than sufficient for even the most demanding of storage requirements, although if you wish to guarantee the safety of your data then you can always consider adding additional hard drives if you with to create a fail-safe RAID configuration. Websites that make more use of multimedia content will also require greater levels of bandwidth, as will any website that receives a high number of visitors; although this is a resource that can be altered during the order process, it isn’t directly linked to server performance meaning that any assignment of bandwidth won’t dictate how well your server is going to perform with the number of visitors you receive.

Choosing the Appropriate Operating System

Windows and Linux are the only platforms offered by most web hosting companies for use on their VPS servers and dedicated servers and in the case of web hosting are usually the only ones officially supported, unless you are a larger business using other operating systems providing your own support. Linux is an open source operating system meaning that for the cost conscious it is the most appropriate operating system and can be used in a number of different scenarios. The open source nature of Linux is also applied to a majority of the applications that are available for the many Linux distributions that have been created over time; this makes Linux VPS servers and Linux dedicated servers very low cost and appealing to businesses that are looking to develop their web hosting infrastructure. Windows on the other hand is a commercial operating system for which you have to purchase a license to use legally. As you have to pay to use Windows the extra cost is added on to the price of Windows VPS servers and Windows dedicated servers, making them more expensive than their Linux counterparts; however, for the cost you get many extra features as standard as well as a more stable and better established server operating system.

Once you have completed the order process and your order has been provisioned, you are now faced with the task of needing to setup your VPS server or dedicated server properly so that you are able to use it for its desired function. If you are an experienced server administrator then you are sure to have done this many times making it second nature for you, although for someone who has never used a server operating system before or has no experience of server hosting altogether then this may seem a daunting task. The likelihood is that there is a multitude of applications that you will require to create your ideal dedicated web hosting environment, including a number of different applications that you may need to secure your server against possible attacks from hackers; as an inexperienced user, you can choose to use managed server hosting if you feel that you lack the skills to customize your web hosting environment effectively. Managed server hosting carries yet another extra premium which is why full support is seen as an optional extra – it certainly does pay to be an experienced user with the savings that are available.

Ensuring a Stable Hosting Experience

Once you have setup your VPS server or dedicated server, it is important for you to carry out routine maintenance, which includes a number of different tasks, to guarantee that your server remains stable and reliable. The most important task to carry out on a regular basis is to check that all of the software installed on your VPS server or dedicated server is up-to-date and that you are using the latest versions; bugs in older versions of certain applications can cause stability issues whilst in other cases there can be security holes that hackers could easily exploit. Secondly, it is important to that the resources that you have available to use are sufficient to cope with the traffic that your website is receiving as if there aren’t enough resources available then this could make the server prone to crashing; if your website is rapidly expanding then you should consider increasing either the virtual resources in the case of a VPS server or the hardware resources in the case of a dedicated server so that you can be sure without a doubt that your server will be capable of serving your website.

In conclusion, configuring a server hosting service takes into consideration two steps – the ordering process and the setup process. Whilst ordering your VPS server or dedicated server you need to get your options right to guarantee that your server will be able to cope with your website and any other tasks that you may through at it and during the setup process you need to ensure that you have installed the correct applications so that your server will be able to process the tasks its been designed for properly.

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