Clustered Web Hosting

Clustered web hosting is a popular way of ensuring that a web hosting provider can offer web hosting services that can offer near 100% guaranteed uptime because a web hosting package will utilize several servers rather than a single server. Cloud hosting is also a form of clustered web hosting since it deploys the same principle of using a number of servers to provide users with a more reliable server. A server cluster is made up of several servers, each of which is dedicated to performing a unique role; for a single role, for example receiving email, there is likely to be several servers in place to deal with this as to ensure that if the primary server fails, there will be at least one other server available to take up this role.

Reliability is something that many businesses and individuals are now considering in a web hosting package prior to purchasing it as they are looking for something that will serve their websites to their visitors at all times without them having to worry about whether it is available or not. A web hosting service that is unavailable generally doesn’t represent good value for money as effectively you aren’t going to be receiving what you have paid for. In some situations reliability is a major issue because if a website is unavailable then it can mean lost revenue; this normally applies to online stores and websites that use adverts as a way of raising funds for the upkeep of the site.

A clustered web hosting service will also be able to provide you with a greater level of security as the contents of your web hosting account is going to be spread across multiple servers, each of which have been assigned a different purpose. If you are running an online store or carrying out other online operations that include the processing and handling of personal data to an extent then you may wish to consider a high security clustered web hosting service as if your users know that their data is being treated in a sensitive way then they are more likely to recommend your website to others. The number of servers used in a clustered web hosting environment helps to ensure that there is going to be multiple layers of security in place at all opportunities to help safeguard the data stored under your web hosting account.

The distributed nature of clustered web hosting services allows web hosting companies to offer web hosting services that have high resource assignments for a low cost. As there are going to be multiple servers in a cluster, web hosting companies are able to host a larger number of web hosting accounts per cluster than they would be able to fit on a single server meaning that clustered web hosting can provide higher returns in some situations. The low cost of most web hosting services these days means that finding a web hosting service capable of meting your requirements within your price bracket doesn’t have to be hard, and with clustered web hosting finding a web hosting package that suits your reliability requirements for your budget has been made even easier.

As a larger business you may find it beneficial to create your own cluster of dedicated servers that you can then use as per your requirements – it will provide you with the same experience as a clustered web hosting package, albeit with greater control and even greater levels of reliability and security. Any large web hosting provider should be able to provide you with the facilities to create your own server cluster, although it is going to be expensive and you will need to find a good reason so that you can justify this cost.

In conclusion, clustered web hosting is a good way of receiving 100% guaranteed uptime without investing in a more expensive web hosting service such as dedicated server hosting that even then won’t be able to provide you with such a guarantee. A clustered web hosting package will allow you to make the most of your online store, or if you are running an website that provides you with income through the means of advertising then you will be able to maximize the revenue that can be made here.

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