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VoIP Server Hosting Explained

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

VoIP servers are being implemented by many businesses as a way of cutting costs because moving away from analogue telephone systems to more modern digital systems will allow businesses to streamline their communications systems to provide better value for money. With many businesses dealing with hundreds or even thousands of phone calls every day both internally and externally, it is important for the IT departments of these businesses to guarantee that the right provisions are in place to ensure that all of these calls are connected and that the number of calls that are dropped is kept to a minimum.

VoIP Server Software

As a VoIP server hosting customer, you will have the opportunity to choose between two different applications that will be able to provide you with a satisfactory VoIP hosting experience. These two applications consist of:

  • Asterisk – this is one of the oldest VoIP applications available and is often used by small-medium enterprises to create Private Branch Exchanges (PBX) so that employees are able to communicate between one another internally easily – as Asterisk is an open source application, it is highly cost effective because businesses won’t need to pay to use it which will allow them to keep their costs to a minimum – furthermore, when you consider that Asterisk is designed to run on open source Linux distributions you are able to come to the conclusion that by choosing Asterisk you will be saving yourself a lot of money over using a traditional analogue telephone system
  • Trixbox – this is an management interface built on top of Asterisk and provides you with a complete suite of tools that will allow you to professionally manage your VoIP server – Trixbox has been developed using PHP and MySQL meaning that it can be hosted on any server, but most importantly the interface will work seamlessly on any Linux server that is running Asterisk as it has been optimized for use with the Apache web server – Trixbox includes a package manager that will allow you to install an array of other applications alongside the application.

Benefits of Using VoIP

Digital communications can provide businesses with a wide variety of benefits over analogue communications in this day and age, including:

  • Clear communications – if you are talking to somebody over a digital connection then they’re likely to sound a lot clearer than they would over a standard analogue connection because the quality of the signal won’t degrade over distance as is the case with standard analogue connections, although the quality of the input and output will depend on the hardware that is being used
  • Low-cost implementation – implementing VoIP systems for the first time can be fairly low cost because the applications required are all free to use whilst the cost of a decent dedicated server is fairly low meaning that you shouldn’t end up paying too much to use VoIP systems – if you have your own IT department then you can cut costs further by using your own staff to configure your VoIP dedicated server for you, although if you don’t have such resources then any good web hosting provider will be able to assist you
  • Reduced long-term costs – if you are using analogue systems then the chances are that you need to pay continual line rental and then there’s also the high cost of replacing defective equipment – with a VoIP server hosting solution you won’t have many long term costs except what you are paying for your dedicated server and internet connection because you have the choice to either provide your staff with new telephones so that they are able to access the new system or alternatively you can train them to use software applications that will provide the same level of functionality, but will save your business money.

In conclusion, VoIP server hosting will provide you with an opportunity to make the most of what digital and internet communications have to offer. During a time where most businesses are looking to cut their costs, investing in technology such as VoIP hosting will allow businesses to cut their costs whilst improving the level of service that they are able to provide their employees with access to. If you are unsure of how VoIP hosting could fit into your business, it is recommended that you contact a web hosting company that will be able to provide you with a consultation on how VoIP hosting will benefit you.

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What is a VoIP server?

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

A VoIP server allows businesses to transfer their traditional phone systems over to a dedicated server based system that will not only allow them to reduce their overheads but will also provide them with a more stable and complete phone solution. As well as providing you with a better quality of communications, a VoIP server will offer you a central location from which you can control your internal communications systems with ease; however, it is recommended that you have past experience if you wish to manage a VoIP server because it may not be as easy as you think it to be. If your staff are able to communicate with one another in a more efficient manner then this could lead to improved productivity, meaning that your employees will be able to focus on their work a lot more rather than having to spend time in meetings as this can be compensated by telephone calls instead. There are various options to choose from when configuring a VoIP server meaning that you should do your research beforehand to ensure that you end up with a final configuration that will be able to meet your requirements as you expect.

What are the benefits of using a VoIP server?

There are many benefits of using a VoIP server over a standard telephone system for many businesses, large and small. Such benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Cost effective – most standard telephone systems are expensive to fit and configure, and on top of this you often need to train employees on how to use them to make the most of your investment – VoIP based telephone systems aren’t nearly as expensive as they can run over your existing network seamlessly without affecting any network traffic, this also allows them to be upgraded without the need for any re-wiring to be done or any hardware to be replaced as the only upgrade that will need to take place is the software on the server that you are using
  • Improved quality – digital communication systems are guaranteed to offer you a better quality of communication than traditional analogue based systems – with a VoIP server all of your voice traffic will be running over standard internet and network connections to your VoIP server at which point it will be forwarded to the correct location for the call to be answered – in a situation where you are using a standard analogue telephone system, your calls will also be transferred to an exchange but this will be done over copper cables meaning that the quality of the signal will be lost the further it has to travel
  • Increased productivity – if you are able to offer your employees another way in which they can communicate with each other instantly, they are going to be more productive because they can spend the time that they would have used in meetings focusing on completing important work – if your employees are able to increase their output then this will help to boost your business’s revenue and in turn the profit making it appeal more to investors, this coupled with your reduced costs can only benefit your business in the long term.

The benefits of VoIP server hosting show that it is worth investing in dedicated server hosting if you wish to upgrade the communications structure of your business to something that is more fitting for the 21st century. It will take time to configure a VoIP server to meet your communication needs perfectly, although once done you will start to realize the true benefits of being able to use a communication system that is highly unlikely to fail.

What are the disadvantages of using a VoIP server?

There are also disadvantages to using a VoIP server, and after reviewing these you may find that a VoIP server isn’t the best option for your requirements. Such disadvantages include:

  • Cost to setup – although a VoIP server may be cost effective in the long term, you will need to consider the cost of purchasing a dedicated server and the configuring it to function as a VoIP server – although some web hosting companies will provide you with a ready-configured solution that you just need to integrate into your existing infrastructure, you may be required to install and configure your server yourself if you purchase a plain dedicated server from a web hosting company
  • Server management – once you have established your VoIP server, you are then in charge of its up-keep, that is unless you have chosen to go for a managed dedicated server hosting service as web hosting companies tend to play a larger role in the support and management offered to fully managed hosting customers – if you are going to manage your own dedicated server then you should be well versed in server management and should have used your chosen operating system before, in this situation the operating system in question is likely to be a Linux distribution
  • Training – depending on the system that you wish to implement alongside your VoIP dedicated server, you may have to train employees to work with the new system which could be inconvenient because it means that you will have to take employees away from their jobs simply to train them on how to use a new phone system and this will mean reduced output and therefore less revenue – you will also need to consider that it will cost you to retrain employees.

In conclusion, a VoIP server is a dedicated server running the software and additional hardware necessary to provide your business with a fully integrated and modern telephone system. VoIP dedicated servers will allow you to take your communications systems into the next era by converting traditional analogue systems over to digital systems that will be able to function over your existing internal computer network. Although there is a lot to learn with VoIP server hosting, you will realize that it is highly beneficial the moment that you decide to embrace it as part of your business’s internal infrastructure.

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