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Using a Content Management System

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

A content management system (CMS) will minimize the amount of work that you will need to put into the management of your website; in effect CMS systems allow webmasters to spend more time developing content for their website rather than having to maintain it. Content management systems are available in a variety of different scripting languages and utilize different database backends, ensuring that you will be able to choose a CMS system that will work with your web hosting package with ease. There are different content management systems available for different situations with some being design specifically for use with websites whilst others are designed to be the bases on which blogs are developed. In any case a CMS system will provide you with a way to manage your website as well as opportunities to expand as most systems allow plugins to be added, whilst the most popular of CMS systems have large communities that contribute plugins that other users of the same CMS can use for free; there are plugins designed for different purposes, with some being designed to add functionality whilst others will improve the performance of your website and the content management system that you are using.


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SEO Server Hosting

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

SEO server hosting services are designed to allow businesses to make the most of their SEO campaigns so that they are able to capitalize on the time and effort that they invest into promoting their website through search engines. SEO server hosting is effectively dedicated server hosting, albeit optimized to offer you the best value for money possible as well as additional benefits in terms of the performance that is offered for the amount that you are paying. When conducting an SEO campaign you want to be sure that you are pulling out all the stops possible in order to make your efforts worth it; although an SEO server isn’t a direct SEO method, it will backup more common methods meaning that you will be able to see results much faster. When choosing an SEO server, it is important to consider a web hosting company that will be able to offer you a reliable upstream connection as this will provide you with a fast connection that in turn will allow you to guarantee that your web pages will be delivered to your visitors as fast as possible – this will also benefit you when it comes to search engine indexing robots.

An SEO server should be optimized for speed so that it is able to serve your web pages to your visitors as and when they request them, without any hiccups along the way. The main way to ensure speed in a server is to choose a server with a CPU that is slightly more powerful than you require so that there is enough overhead available to cope with load spikes; it may also be a good idea to choose a higher assignment of RAM for your requirements. When it comes to serving web pages directly, it is important to check that your web hosting provider will be able to offer your server a fast connection to the rest of the world; generally web hosting companies that are using multiple peer providers are the best ones for this as you will then be able to serve your website and web pages to visitors all over the globe.

Search engine optimization is normally a part of marketing a website online as you want your website and web pages to appear highly in search engine listings for the keywords that are part of the development and content of your website. Although you can normally carry out very basic SEO on your own, it is highly recommended that you consider using an SEO specialist if you wish to see the best results possible. Any SEO expert will recommend an SEO server that has been optimized specifically to your requirements since it will aid their overall SEO efforts; for example, most search engines will rank your website higher if they can see that you are using a dedicated server for your web hosting services as it demonstrates a certain level of commitment to the reliability of your website which will also benefit your visitors as well as yourself.

SEO server hosting will be able to guarantee you a higher level of reliability than any shared web hosting service can ever guarantee you. In this day and age, if your website is unavailable then web surfers come to visit it then they are highly likely to move onto another website that can offer the same content and information almost immediately, thus costing you a number of returning visitors. As most websites generate revenue either through sales or advertising, a loss in returning visitors will also mean a loss in revenue and this is more likely to have a negative impact. An SEO server will be able to provide you with a good level of uptime through the dedicated web hosting environment that is offered as this means that there is no need for you to share any aspect of your server’s resources with any others users.

The features of a dedicated server will help to enhance any SEO campaign. A dedicated server comes with dedicated IP addresses that you have full ownership and control of, allowing you to set reverse DNS on any IP address that you have assigned to your server as well as host any websites you want on your assigned IP addresses. Reverse DNS doesn’t really have any significance except for the purposes of email, but for some situations you may find it helpful to be able to brand your IP addresses directly under the domain names that you are hosting on your server. In terms of SEO, a dedicated IP address can be used to show a search engine that you are using a dedicated hosting environment for the hosting of your website – it can also be useful for the security of your web hosting environment as a dedicated IP address is required for the use of an SSL certificate.

If you have set to consider search engine optimization for your website, it is a good idea to begin to do so now as you will see many benefits – if you want to capitalize on your website’s traffic then you should do everything you can do boost the number of visitors that you receive. For small scale SEO, an SEO server probably won’t be necessarily as your requirements are unlikely to dictate the need for a dedicated server as for server hosting to be of any use you need to have a high traffic load that will make the most of your resources.

In conclusion, SEO server hosting will allow you to make the most of any SEO campaign that you are conducting as it will benefit you when it comes to receiving an overall search engine ranking. You should only aim for a high search engine ranking as this will guarantee your location in the top results for the keywords that you are targeting; the more relevant the keywords are to your content and information, the more likely your visitors are to return in the future rather than visit elsewhere.

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Benefits of Internet Marketing

Friday, August 27th, 2010

The internet is one of the most cost effective ways of marketing your business these days as you have access to a wider audience than was previously possible as well as a range of different ways in which you can promote your business. Regardless of whether you’re running an internet business or a high street shop, the internet will be able to play a large role in the expansion of your marketing program to allow you to grow your business and to obtain a larger customers base, perhaps one that spans the globe. Internet marketing is a topic that can include various other forms of promotion such as search engine optimisation and email marketing; to an extent you could say that internet marketing is a term that can be collectively applied to a range of methods of promotion that will allow you to target a wider audience. Internet marketing can be fairly low cost when conducted efficiently, although for larger scale campaigns you may find yourself spending large amounts of money – particularly if you are going to be using specialist advertising agencies; however, making use of specialists will give you the best return on your expenditure and will benefit your business more in the long term.

The audiences that you will be able to reach through the use of internet marketing are probably going to be the main benefit on offer. As most people in developed countries have access to the internet in one form or another, you are able to target any audience you feel will be interested in your business and your goods/services. As the internet is an international network of interconnected computers, people from all countries are able to access websites, allowing you to target your business at an international audience rather than being restricted to targeting your target audience in your home country. Internet marketing campaigns can also be changed based on the following factors:

  • Age – with the rise of social networking websites such as Facebook, you are able to create advertising campaigns that can be targeted at specific age groups as such websites usually have a wide variety of information on their members held which in turn allows them to offer adverts that are more suiting to their interests
  • Page content – if created properly, your adverts are likely to be displayed on pages and websites that are related to your own in one way or another as advertising services automatically detect keywords within web pages to select the most appropriate adverts for that web page or website.

The cost of internet marketing when compared to more practical forms of promotion can also be of benefit to most businesses, especially smaller businesses that require good value for money from their marketing efforts. Although most online advertising services are commercial, the benefit here is that they are relatively low cost and offer a bigger return on what you lay down initially. Search engine optimisation is a good example of how internet marketing can be free as securing a top place in some of the main search engines for the keywords that are relevant to your internet business or website is a very effective way of driving large volumes of traffic to your business; however, in order for search engine optimisation to be successful you need to have a strict criteria that you wish to meet so that you can be sure you have succeeded.

Internet marketing can also provide you with a way of offering various other forms of communication to your target audience which will allow them to contact you if they have seen your business using different means, preferably the one that suits them best. One of the most popular forms of internet communication that some businesses have failed to embrace properly is email and you will find that if customers have an enquiry about your products or services then they’re more likely to send an email to you rather than phone you or visit you in your store, simply because its more practical and takes less time for both themselves and you. Depending on your type of business, you may also wish to offer live chat facilities on your website so that you are able to have real-time text conversations with your website visitors; such systems function very similarly to instant messaging platforms such as AIM and Windows Live Messenger meaning that the experience will be very familiar to yourself and your website visitors.

With the internet you also have a large array of ways in which you can market your business, products or services as the web isn’t just text based – multimedia can be used in any situation whether it be video or audio. Video advertising anywhere apart from the internet is only available on the TV and audio advertising only via the radio, both these forms of marketing can be costly and don’t always offer you the returns that you would like to see when you consider the amount that you have paid. With multimedia advertising on the internet you won’t have to pay so much and you are also offered the option of targeting your multimedia adverts at specific target audiences with ease. Other forms of animation include flash animations that are common place with most websites these days; the benefit of flash adverts is that users can interact with them within web pages which allows you to insert a number of different features.

As a conclusion, we can say that for cost effective advertising, the internet is certainly the place to be if you wish to achieve this. Although more practical forms of advertising such as radio and TV advertising may previously have taken a more front seat role, the internet is now playing an even bigger role in people’s lives than ever before and websites such as Facebook are what people are spending a good amount of their time on. Compared to practical advertising, internet marketing provides you with a way of getting your business and products in front of your main audience.

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