Business Web Hosting

If you feel that your business website is important to you then you should choose the best web hosting service available to you so that you are able to guarantee yourself the best web hosting experience possible. Compared to basic shared web hosting services that are aimed at individuals and lie at the lower end of the market, business web hosting services have been designed with businesses in mind meaning that you will be able to guarantee your visitors security when they enter their personal details into your website, meanwhile you can be sure that you won’t be losing money due to downtime because reliability is something else that will be monitored a lot more closely with business web hosting. Although there are web hosting packages available that have been specifically tailored to suit businesses, you can always choose other forms of web hosting for your business website such as clustered hosting services or dedicated server hosting depending on what your specific requirements are and how much you’re willing to spend. Reviewing individual web hosting providers is also recommended as the result is likely to be that you are going to be spending a significant amount on your web hosting service; because of this, you will wan to ensure that you choose a decent web hosting company that will also deliver good value for money in terms of customer service.


Web hosting companies are keen to provide their business customers with a higher level of support than normal customers would receive as for them it is with businesses where the most money lies. Larger web hosting providers are able to offer 24×7 support to all customers, although as a business customer you are more likely to receive more personal support from your chosen web hosting company. Email is the most popular support method as it means that you can contact the support team at any time of the day; for management and reference, most web hosting support email systems pipe emails into ticket systems so that you can then keep track of the progress of your issue using a web interface and reference number. Phone support is also on offer in most cases, but with smaller web hosting companies they may choose to only offer phone support to their highest paying customers such as those using business web hosting. Live chat is similar to instant messaging but is done through your web browser; live chat support is usually there to sort out small issues quickly so that you don’t have to open a ticket.

Operating System

For most businesses, their choice of operating system is highly important since most business website are based on dynamic technologies such as classic ASP or PHP meaning that the choice of operating system will be the difference between their websites functioning correctly and not. For most businesses Linux is going to be the operating system of choice purely because it will save them money instantly; however, the requirements of some businesses will sway them towards Windows web hosting. Although Windows web hosting services are more expensive than Linux web hosting services, they are able to offer support for a wide range of Microsoft applications and technologies. Microsoft Exchange Server is one good reason for businesses choosing Windows over Linux, although the stability of Linux is usually a good counter argument used by most businesses when weighing up their options.


If you are selling your goods or services through your website then reliability is going to be of the utmost importance to you as downtime is going to mean lost revenue which is going to have a negative impact on your business. Even if you simply use your website to promote your business online, downtime is going to mean lost chances to get your business name known to people could be potential customers. Choosing a web hosting company that can guarantee you an SLA (Service Level Agreement) is recommended if you are able to afford it as this will mean that you will be provided with some sort of guarantee as to the level of uptime that you can come to expect from your business web hosting service. If choosing to go for a more complex form of web hosting such as server hosting, you will need to consider the extra skills required if you wish to make the most of such web hosting services; however, for business purposes you may wish to choose a managed server hosting service – this will provide you with access to a knowledgeable support team that will be able to deal with a majority of your queries.


If you are selling goods or services through your website then your customers are going to be entering their personal details into your website at some point. It is important for you to be aware of the security that is surrounding your website so that you can be sure that any data stored in your web hosting account is going to be safe. There will be a wide range of security measures in place on most web hosting servers meaning that the security of the server isn’t what you should worry about, but more how your website has been developed since weak code is a popular way in for some hackers. You should also take your own security precautions to assure your website visitors, for example SSL certificates are a good visual way of providing assurance.

In conclusion, business web hosting is worth the investment if you want peace of mind that your website will always be available when you require it. As business hosting packages are available on both Windows and Linux servers, you won’t need to worry about your requirements prohibiting you from finding a web hosting package that is attractive because of the price. As most web hosting companies can offer a higher level of support with business services, you will have the addition of being able to contact your web hosting company about any query you may have with regards to your web hosting package.

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