Benefits of Server Hosting

There are many benefits to using server hosting above all lower forms of web hosting, despite the fact that a server hosting service will set you back more than a shared or reseller web hosting package. For businesses that are outgrowing their shared web hosting package, a VPS server or dedicated server will be able to provide them with the resources necessary to host a large scale website without the need to upgrade the hosting server for a long time to come. A VPS server or dedicated server will require skill to be managed properly, but of you are knowledgeable with server operating systems then managing a server should come naturally to you easily; however, for the less experienced then managed server hosting services are available an extra premium, plus you need to choose a very good web hosting company to receive a good level of support as a fully managed customer. Server hosting is available from any large web hosting company; smaller web hosting companies often struggle to offer VPS servers and dedicated servers because of the level of support needed and the level of technical knowledge that is required on their part, furthermore larger web hosting companies have the capital required to offer a reliable network and support infrastructure.


The most interesting benefit of using a VPS server or a dedicated server when compared to a shared web hosting service is the level of uptime possible when having your own dedicated web hosting environment. If a server is managed properly and in the case of VPS server hosting, the hosting node is managed effectively, there is no reason why it shouldn’t be possible for the server to be up for 100% of the time; however, this isn’t taking into account any external factors that could affect your VPS server or dedicated server’s ability to be reachable from the outside. The operating system that you have running on your server is never going to be a huge influence over how reliable it is, rather the resources that you have available in relation to how demanding your website will be is going to be a bigger influence; it is for this reason you should always fully evaluate the resources that you require and if necessary consider purchasing extra virtual resources for your VPS server or extra hardware for your dedicated server if you feel that it will be beneficial to your overall web hosting experience.


The security of your web hosting environment is probably one of the most important considerations that you will need to make when choosing a web hosting plan and developing your website. If you are going to be hosting and processing the personal details if your customers or visitors through your website then it is particularly important for you to choose a web hosting service that will be able to offer you a secure hosting environment. A VPS server or dedicated server will provide you with direct access to your dedicated web hosting environment so that you can easily install any security applications of your choice or make any configuration changes that you feel will improve the security of your server and make it less prone to attack from hackers. For bigger companies software solutions may not be completely adequate to protect them from attack; if you are a larger business that is going to be hosting highly confidential information then you can always opt to use a dedicated server with a hardware firewall as this will provide you with an extra level of protection.

Dedicated Web Hosting Environment

In some cases you may find that you need to have specific third-party services or components installed on your hosting server so that you are able to make your web application function correctly; for the most part, most web hosting companies won’t be willing to offer third-party components and services as part of their shared and reseller web hosting plans. A VPS server or dedicated server will be able to offer you your own dedicated web hosting environment that can’t be accessed by anyone else; your dedicated hosting environment will have its own resources and will be completely isolated from any other users. In your dedicated web hosting environment you will be able to install any applications or components that you feel will aid you in some way with your server, whether it be to help with the functionality of your website or to improve the security of your web hosting environment. If you are a Windows server hosting user then you will be able to access your Windows dedicated web hosting environment through Remote Desktop so that you can view the Windows GUI directly. If you are a Linux server hosting customer then the only form of access that you will have directly to your Linux server is through SSH; this is a command-line based interface, although you will still be able to perform the same tasks such as the installation of applications and configuration changes if necessary.


A dedicated server in particular will provide you with resource assignments that are greater than any other web hosting service will be able to offer you because a dedicated server is made up of physical hardware. As a dedicated server hosting customer it is pretty easy to order extra hardware as you require it, but it is important to note that downtime may be caused by the fitting of additional hardware. If you are a VPS server hosting customer then you will be able to order additional virtual resources as needed, but in some cases you may find that your web hosting provider isn’t able to offer you anything further unless you upgrade your server completely. However, there are always large amounts of resources available whenever required for cloud VPS hosting customers.

In conclusion, there are several different benefits to using a server hosting service when compared to a web hosting package that would be hosted in a shared web hosting environment. For those after a low cost server hosting service then a VPS server is always a good option, but if you wish to use something more substantial that can provide you with a more dedicated hosting service then a dedicated server is possibly the best solution available for any business.

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