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ASP stands for Active Server Pages and is a web scripting framework that was developed by Microsoft back in the 90s. Although the development of ASP as a scripting language has now been discontinued, it has been reborn with the birth of the ASP.NET framework which has now been developed up til version 3.5 and the development of ASP.NET is likely to carry on for a long time to come. ASP web hosting services are generally Windows web hosting packages since the Linux platform is unable to support classic ASP or ASP.NET web pages; this means that you can also be limited in other areas although both classic ASP and ASP.NET web pages can interact with Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access databases.

What are the advantages of using the ASP scripting language?

ASP can provide you with many advantages when it comes to developing web applications for hosting in a Windows web hosting environment. Although classic ASP is a very basic scripting language, ASP.NET has built on the original success of classic ASP and can provide you with some of the following advantages:

  • Database support – web applications developed using ASP.NET can be built around database backends, and the use of the Windows operating system means that you can use a wide variety of database systems – the most popular database applications to use in conjunction with ASP.NET based web applications are Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access although other systems including MySQL Server can be used
  • AJAX support – ASP.NET comes with native support for certain AJAX features that you can integrate into your web applications as appropriate to help make them more dynamic – AJAX stands for ‘Asynchronous Javascript and XML’ which basically means that web pages are able to interact with databases dynamically without the need for the page to be reloaded upon the transfer of data
  • Video tutorials – the official website can provide you with many video tutorials that will guide you through the development of certain features as part of your website – the fact that this is the official website for the scripting language means that you can rely on the accuracy of the data and video tutorials that are provided.

The advantages of using the ASP scripting language mean that Windows web hosting may be useful for those who wish to try their luck with classic ASP or ASP.NET instead of using some of the many other web scripting languages that there are.

Why should I consider any other web scripting languages?

Classic ASP and ASP.NET may not be what every web developer wants to use since there can be disadvantages to doing so such as the high costs that are involved with using Windows web hosting services. Other reasons for choosing a different web scripting language for your web development requirements could include:

  • Open source – open source web scripting languages are free to use and the fact that they are open source means that you have full access to the source code of the engine that will power any web pages that are scripted using a particular language – a good example of an open source scripting language would be PHP and this has been used extensively by many large organizations who have no doubt made their own modifications to the core
  • Previous experience – if you have any previous experience with web development which is of a scripting language other than classic ASP or ASP.NET then you should first consider this for any dynamic web applications you may wish to develop – by doing this you will be able to ensure that you do a professional job with the development of your website and/or web application.

The above factors show that there are many other web scripting languages available for use other than classic ASP or ASP.NET. However, unless you are going to be using classic ASP or ASP.NET then you may wish to consider another form of web hosting other than ASP web hosting or Windows web hosting.

In conclusion, ASP web hosting services are ideal for those who wish to make the most of Windows web hosting services. Windows web hosting services hat are capable of hosting classic ASP and ASP.NET web pages are available from a large number of web hosting providers which can be beneficial if you wish to find a low cost ASP web hosting service.

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