All About Dedicated Server Hosting

Based upon the content, size, projected growth and expected traffic of a website, the webmaster can make a decision to opt for either a shared or dedicated server.

Dedicated servers serve only one client and the main reasons webmasters suggest a dedicated server over a shared sever are:

  • If they have a websites which needs more space than a shared platform can allow
  • If they have a website which uses a large database or program which takes up more memory than is permitted on a shared hosting platform
  • If they have a website that requires the flexibility and control to add certain extensions, software and features
  • If they are a web hosting reseller who needs to host a large number of websites, many of whom require a sizeable amount of space
  • If a website is critical to the success of the business and it cannot afford to be at the mercy of other user’s websites and the potential coding problems etc that could occur.

As a dedicated server is usually only used for a few domains, these websites will be able to run more efficiently and potentially faster than if they were battling with other websites for space and bandwidth on a shared server.

As a webmaster, you can choose to have your dedicated hosting managed or unmanaged by the company who sold you your dedicated server. By choosing a managed service, you may receive services such as site administration, the installation of certain software, maintenance and upgrades. The major plus of having your dedicated server managed is that you have an expert on hand should your server suffer any failure – guaranteeing your site a high uptime percentage.

Selecting a dedicated server hosting service

When selecting a company to purchase a dedicated server from, you should consider a number of things. Firstly you should identify exactly what technical specifications you require from your dedicated server. This is in terms of hard disk, memory, processor speed etc. You should then identify whether would like additional security features added to your server, for example RAID, disk mirroring, etc. Identifying the level of support you feel you will need for your server and also your websites and databases, is another must. Once you have a specification list for your dedicated server, you should then compare a number of companies to identify which one can provide a good combination of adequate hardware, good support and value for money.

Choosing Cheap dedicated hosting

In an age where the economy is in a tough place, it is always tempting to cut our spending where ever possible. And with IT that is no different, with a number of firms offering dedicated server hosting at a fraction of the price of others. However it is worth considering that what you save in monetary terms could cost you dearly if (or when) things go wrong. If your server continually fails, then ultimately your business could fail too. By purchasing a dedicated server, you are obviously serious about your business. You clearly want to run vital business applications on it. So the advice is not to put your business in jeopardy; stick to reputable dedicated hosting firms who have good online reviews and a track record of happy customers. That way, you can’t go wrong!

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