Advantages of Dedicated Web Hosting

A dedicated web hosting service can provide you with a wide variety of benefits that will allow you to develop your website to a new level to increase the number of visitors that you receive and to ultimately increase the revenue that you receive. The term dedicated web hosting is used by web hosting companies to promote their VPS server and dedicated server hosting offerings, primarily because these are the two forms of web hosting that can offer a dedicated web hosting environment whilst all other forms of web hosting can only offer a shared web hosting environment. When compared to other forms of web hosting, dedicated web hosting services are far more powerful and provide you with great room for expansion if this is what you are after; alternatively, a dedicated web hosting package will allow you to use applications and services that aren’t available with shared web hosting packages to increase the functionality of your website. As a dedicated hosting customer you are also offer far more options; as well as being able to save money through providing yourself with support as an experienced user, you can also vary your VPS server or dedicated server to match your specific requirements in terms of the resources purchased.

Higher Levels of Uptime

A dedicated web hosting service will be able to provide higher levels of uptime to businesses that want to be guaranteed that visitors will always be able to access their website, whatever time of day it is. Some dedicated server hosting packages are offered with 100% uptime, although with dedicated web hosting it is mostly down to you to make sure that your server is managed properly if you wish to be provided with a high uptime web hosting service. There are also external factors that can affect the uptime of a dedicated web hosting service; for example, if a dedicated server is online and is running normal, it could still be inaccessible if there are problems with the network that it is hosted on preventing outside users from being able to access it. Similar routing issues can also be experienced if you are a VPS hosting user with similar network and power issues that affect dedicated servers having an impact on the performance of VPS servers. Reliability can be a deal breaker for web hosting companies these days, making it important for all web hosting providers to keep an eye on their service performance.

Secure Web Hosting Environment

Dedicated web hosting services can also offer a far more secure web hosting environment for businesses who wish to expand their websites further by developing online e-commerce solutions. If you are going to be processing and storing the personal details of your customers or website visitors then it is important to ensure that you are using a secure web hosting environment because if this data is leaked or hackers manage to gain access to it then you will find yourself and business in trouble; people entering their data into your website will probably take it for granted that it will be handled properly. There are always extra measures that can be taken to provide a more secure web hosting environment, with there being multiple security applications available for both Windows and Linux. It is recommended that you also secure your VPS server or dedicated server yourself, or if you are inexperienced get someone you trust to do it, because you want to be sure about all of the details that guard the data hosted on your server if anyone ever asks about it – you will also want to be sure that the job has been done properly.

Better Customer Service

Dedicated web hosting customers can expect to receive a more helpful level of support from their web hosting provider, granted that they have a VPS server or dedicated server that is covered by a “full management” guarantee. Support teams are usually more willing to offer in-depth help and advice to dedicated web hosting customers because dedicated hosting customers can make the support go further by applying it to both their server and their websites. If you choose to use a specialist web hosting company then the level of support that you receive here will be better than an ordinary web hosting company that offers a variety of different web hosting plans; specialist web hosting companies often have some of the best technicians around and sales staff are usually trained to a higher level of ensure that they recommend the correct hosting service to you. Experienced server managers aren’t usually that bothered about the level of customer service that they are provided with because in such instances they are capable of supporting themselves and don’t require the input of a third-party to operate their VPS server or dedicated server for them.

Choice of Applications

If you require specific applications or components then a dedicated web hosting service will provide you with a custom web hosting environment in which you can install these as you require without any hesitation. If you have a VPS server or a dedicated server then you will be able to access your server using the root or administrator account meaning that you can install any select of applications you wish to use; such access isn’t possible with shared web hosting because of security restrictions, although some web hosting companies strive to offer as many additional features as possible with their shared hosting services.

In conclusion, there are many advantages to using dedicated web hosting that will allow any business to justify the cost of investing in a VPS server or a dedicated server as their choice of web hosting service. Most businesses will find that by starting an online shop they will be able to boost their presence on the internet by providing customers with another point from which they can purchase a business’s goods or services; a business website will also provide customers with another point of contact if they have an enquiry.

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