Advantages of Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting services are very popular with larger businesses that require uptime and security due to the sensitive nature of the information that they are going to be storing on their server, and also because their websites generally act as a source of information for a large number of people. There are two main forms of dedicated web hosting available from most web hosting providers – VPS servers and dedicated servers; VPS server hosting services are designed for individuals rather than businesses and are seen to bridge the gap between shared web hosting services and dedicated servers, whereas dedicated servers are targeted at bigger businesses as is evident with the price tag that is attached to most dedicated server hosting services. VPS servers and dedicated servers can provide you with similar advantages, the main difference being that a dedicated server will allow you to make the most of these advantages.


Dedicated hosting services will be able to provide you with a high level of reliability that you will be able to your advantage since it will allow you to get on with more important tasks without having to worry about the reliability of your website. The specifications of most VPS servers and dedicated servers allow webmasters to host a number of websites without having to give great consideration to the stability of the hosting server. It is important to choose a dedicated web hosting service that is of the correct specification for your requirements as you don’t want to end up paying for resources that you are never going to use; in most situations you will be able to benefit from the configuration options offered by most web hosting providers since these will allow you to ‘build’ your own VPS server or dedicated server so that you end up with a web hosting service that is specifically tailored to your requirements.


Dedicated hosting services can also be relied upon to offer a secure web hosting environment which is what most businesses require these days if they wish to be able to make the most of their web presence. The dedicated web hosting environment offered by VPS servers and dedicated servers will allow you to customize your web hosting environment so that it suits your needs ideally, thus allowing you to secure your server to an extent that you feel will match the importance of your website when you consider the information that is going to be stored. There are many different security measures that you can take to provide yourself with a more secure web hosting environment, although these will depend on the operating system that you choose to have installed on your VPS server or dedicated server. If you are going to be processing the credit card details and storing the personal information of your visitors then it is going to be important for you to have a highly secure web hosting environment that can’t be infiltrated by hackers; for such a situation a dedicated server would be more appropriate than a VPS server as you will be provided with complete isolation in your own physical hosting environment rather than simply being hosted on a physical server with many other users.

Guaranteed Resources

A VPS server or dedicated server will provide you with your own guaranteed resources that no-one else will be able to make use of. The guaranteed resources offered by dedicated web hosting services will allow you to ensure a high level of reliability, and the isolation provided by having your own guaranteed resources will count towards the higher level of security that can be achieved. Although a dedicated server can offer you the ability to make full use of the resources that you have purchased including your dedicated server’s CPU, VPS server hosting services can be a lot more limited and in most situations you will have to share the hosting node’s CPU with the other VPS servers hosted on that node.

In conclusion, there are several advantages to using dedicated web hosting that you can take away and make the most of as you wish. How effective these advantages are will depend on how well your VPS server or dedicated server is managed as well as its specifications and what it is used for.

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