Advantages of a Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is seen as the highest form of web hosting available and can offer businesses the best level of performance when compared to the other main forms of web hosting that are available. Most web hosting providers are able to offer you the choice between Windows dedicated server hosting and Linux dedicated server hosting to help guarantee variety; customization is something else that is offered during the order process so that you are able to create a dedicated server that will suit your requirements ideally, allowing you to ensure that you only pay for what you require and not resources that you aren’t going to use at all.

The main advantage of using a dedicated server over any other form of web hosting that is available has to be the higher level of security that can be provided by having your own dedicated web hosting environment. As you won’t have to share any portion of your server’s resources with anyone else, it will be fairly easy for you to create a secure web hosting environment as you will be fully aware of the security aspects that could affect your dedicated server. Furthermore you will be able to implement your own custom security measures allowing you to make your dedicated server as secure as you wish for it to be.

Reliability is another factor that a dedicated server will be able to meet most business’s requirements for since a dedicated server is seen as being one of the most reliable forms of web hosting available. The dedicated web hosting environment provided will allow you to keep a much closer eye on your use of server resources and as you won’t have to share those resources with anyone else, you can be sure that you will be able to make full use of them. Most businesses choose to use dedicated server hosting because they are looking to attain a higher level of uptime than what their existing web hosting service, usually something alone the lines of shared web hosting, is able to offer.

The dedicated web hosting environment that is provided by a dedicated server will allow you to create a web hosting environment suitable for your website as you will be able to install any applications of your choice on your dedicated server. If you have decided to go for a Windows dedicated server then you will have full Remote Desktop access to your server, whilst if you are using a Linux dedicated server then access will be provided via SSH. Both Remote Desktop and SSH will allow you to manage your server fully since you will have full root or administrator access. It is important for any access available over Remote Desktop or SSH to be secured properly to reduce the risk of any hackers using these to gain access to your dedicated server; if either Remote Desktop or SSH are compromised then the security of the entire server could be put at risk.

The fact that you won’t have to share your dedicated server with anyone else will allow you to make sure that you are able to make the most of your server and since you are going to be spending a lot of money on a dedicated server hosting service, being able to use it to its full potential is important. This will enhance both the security and reliability of your dedicated server as it means that you won’t have to worry about the security of other websites with regards to security of your server as a whole, and you also won’t have to worry about the performance of other websites affecting the performance of your own.

In conclusion, a dedicated server will be able to provide you with a wide variety of advantages that will allow you as a business to make the most of your web presence as the security provided will allow you to expand the features available on your website whilst the level of reliability on offer will allow you to accept visitors at all times. Although a dedicated server is the most expensive form of web hosting available, it is important for you to weigh up the cost against the advantages and your requirements.

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