A Short Summary of Business Hosting Plans

Business web sites come in many different shapes and sizes; from a small one page site with little more than product information and contact details. To larger more complicated websites that can process thousands of transactions per day plus act as a central portal for customers to log in and manage their account with the company.

What are the benefits of choosing a business hosting plan?

Business hosting in short is a hosting package or service that usually provides a higher level of features and reliability over web hosting packages designed for individual users and personal web sites. The key factors can be summarized as follows:

  • A business webhosting package typically include a larger amount of web space and bandwidth, unlimited e-mail accounts, database support plus the ability to add a personalized dedicated SSL certificates to the hosting package
  • Business web hosting companies often provide their customers with a higher level of technical support. Simply as the more serious the purpose of the web site, the more essential it is to have expert help on hand when you need it
  • A lot of business hosting plans will include the creation and management of sub domains. A sub domain is a good way to manage a site’s content
  • With business web hosting you can usually add in an unlimited number of domain aliases too. Domain aliases allow you to point multiple domain names to the same web space. As a business it’s likely you will own multiple extensions of the same domain name, for example, yourdomain.co.uk and yourdomain.com, so this service can be particularly useful for tying up domains to resolve to the same web site location
  • Website visitor statistics are also usually included. These are useful for monitoring your incoming site visitors plus can be extremely useful in helping you to understand visitor trends and behavior on your web site in order to help you continually improve your web site and grow your business. Statistics also can be useful for monitoring specific promotional campaigns and other marketing initiatives.

Before choosing a business hosting plan, all business owners should spend quality time researching a number of companies before signing up to a business hosting plan. It’s recommended to consider factors such as company reputation and length in business, customer reviews, prices, bandwidth offered, guaranteed uptime percentage, disk space, technical support level provided and lastly but not least, how the company can grow with you as your business grows.

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