A Quick Guide to Email Hosting Plans

E-mail hosting is where a hosting company offers to carry out e-mail functions for its customers. These operations can be as simple as sending or receiving mails and as complex as global searching and database processing. The hosting company that provides e-mail hosting plans to its customers will ensure that mailboxes stored on their servers are protected from viruses and hackers and also that they guarantee as good an uptime % as possible.

Email hosting is provided by all types of hosting firms both large and small. The services being offered usually include:

  • Webmail: a basic email program which enables clients to access their emails wherever they like, as long as they have internet connection
  • Microsoft Outlook: For customers who want a more robust and feature packed email program, the email hosting company will provide them with a mailbox which they can connect to using an email program such as Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Exchange: This is where a company has their own dedicated email server but it is housed at the hosting company‚Äôs data centre and not on their premises. Should you choose this email hosting option, the hosting company will custom design your email server to meet the exact needs of your business, take care of its full operation and ensure its always up and running. At Storm Internet, we offer Microsoft Exchange for small to medium sized companies. http://www.storminternet.co.uk/solutions_exchange.asp.

Who benefits from email hosting?

Email hosting is designed especially for businesses that do not have the time, money or internal resources to build a suitable internal IT infrastructure for handling emails. Therefore by outsourcing email to an external company, costs are lowered and the employees get on with building the business safe in the knowledge that their emails are being handled by experts.

Appropriate storage space

When registering any e-mail account, you will be allocated a certain amount of space for each inbox depending on the email hosting package that has been purchased. Some companies will provide megabytes of space while others will provide gigabytes for every mailbox. It is always advisable to choose a solution that gives you the flexibility to upgrade your email hosting plan should your future storage requirements change.

Virus and spam filtering

A quality webmail hosting package will provide the user with the reassurance that harmful mails will be obstructed before they even enter the network. This is done through the installation of virus software and spam filtering. Spam filtering techniques include grey listing, white listing and blacklisting.

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