A Beginners Guide to UK Web Hosting

Just think about the folders or files you have made on the desktop of your computer system. These are stored on the hard disk or desktop and you can access them anytime you desire. Similarly, a web page is actually a file like a Word document. As well as Word documents, web pages also need a storage system. A system on which web pages are stored is known as a web server and collectively these pages make up a website.

The task of developing sites and making all pages available to internet audiences is usually known as Web Hosting. The space on the web is measured in MB (megabytes), in precisely the same manner as the space on desktop personal computer is measured.

Why do you need web hosting?

Talking technically, it is easy to connect a PC to the internet and load pages. However, it is not realistic since in general home based links are not powerful enough to facilitate many customers at the same time. Here comes the duty of web hosting companies. They basically have and preserve powerful web servers that house these websites. These also connect the web-servers to World Wide Web by powerful internet connections, allowing several web customers to get easy access to pages at any time. In short, you need a web hosting organization to house your website and ensure its availability on the internet.

What else do web hosting firms?

Along with enough web space, UK web hosting firms invariably render numerous other value added options that vary from a firm to firm. Some of the main services rendered by almost all companies include registering domain names, e-mail services and providing technical support through Live Chat or via telephone or e-mail.

Different types of UK web hosting

There are several different types of web hosting, fabricated to work well for the differing needs of customers. A small two-page site developed will need a smaller web hosting service than a high traffic multinational website established bank. There are major differentiating factors upon which you should select a web hosting firm and package. These are the number of e-mail accounts you will receive, the amount of web space you need, data transfer, bandwidth overage and operating system (Linux or Windows).

What assortment of web hosting do you need?

The web hosting service one selects will be based on what the type and requirements of your internet business. For smaller firms or individuals, there are different hosting packages made available that provide countless e-mail accounts and enough web space and bandwidth. If one expects one’s website to be visited by a large volume of visitors, then one should opt for a web hosting package that offers great components and hosting features with more than sufficient web space.

Common pitfalls

With purchasing any web hosting package, there are many potential pitfalls that one should remain aware of. The only way to avoid choosing the wrong web hosting company is to really understand what your website is trying to achieve, the features you need from a web host to enable your site to achieve its goals and to establish the level of support you will require. You should then carryout in depth research into a number of Web Hosting organizations, ensuring that you validate them against your requirements. Only then can you be certain that you have chosen the right web host for your online enterprise.


As a beginner, you have to be extra cautious in your endeavors to get a good deal on hosting packages as there are many badly run web hosting firms bringing the hosting world into disrepute. So, be aware, do your research!

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