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Shared Hosting Package

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

A shared web hosting package will be the cheapest form of web hosting available from most web hosting companies and the resources offered with your average shared web hosting package are likely to be more than enough for someone using web hosting for the first time. Although shared web hosting services aren’t necessarily known for the uptime that they provide, you should still be able to expect a reasonable level of uptime with your shared web hosting package so that it is useable at a minimum meaning that you will be able to host a website on it with ease. Most web hosting companies are able to offer shared web hosting packages, although the prices of these will depend on the web hosting companies you choose to look at because some are going to be targeting the lower end of the web hosting market which means cheap web hosting, whereas others will be focusing on offering quality web hosting services that will include a high level of support. Shared web hosting packages are usually quite customizable with most web hosting providers allowing you to tailor the amount of disk space and bandwidth that you require to fit your needs perfectly.

Low Cost Web Hosting

Shared web hosting services are able to provide low cost web hosting packages which will save you a lot in the long term and this doesn’t mean that you have to skimp on quality in any way at all. Although there will be different shared web hosting packages with different pricing points, overall you will find that you won’t have to pay any large sum of money for a shared web hosting package regardless of where you purchase your web hosting package from. As you would expect, you are able to purchase Windows shared hosting packages and Linux shared web hosting packages meaning that there is a good variety of low cost web hosting services available. However, you still need to remember that a Linux shared hosting package is going to be cheaper than a Windows shared hosting package. If you shop around then you will be able to find some good low cost shared hosting packages, although if you have a look at some web hosting comparison websites then you may be able to find a voucher or two that you can use towards your order to help you save a bit of money.

Domain Hosting

Unfortunately with most shared hosting packages you are limited as to the number of domains you are able to host with your web hosting service, although for the number of domains that you are able to host you will be able to make the most of them with the features that are on offer. Any good shared hosting package will allow you to create an unlimited number of email accounts meaning that you will be able to share these amongst your domains as appropriate. You will also be able to share the disk space between your domains as you wish as well, although you won’t be able to separate them as such as you would be able to with a reseller web hosting account. However, if you shop around then there are some shared hosting packages available that will allow you to host an unlimited number of domains with your web hosting service and it is these shared hosting services that are the most beneficial because they will allow you to make the most of your accounts resources.


Any web hosting provider that offers shared web hosting should be able to provide you with full support for your shared web hosting package which will be ideal if you are using shared web hosting for the first time as it means that you can get help with setting up your shared hosting package if you need it. With a shared web hosting service you aren’t being provided with your own server which although may seem like a disadvantage to some, it does mean that there is no need to worry about the management of the hosting server as this will be taken care of by your web hosting provider’s support team and they are more than likely to do a professional job of it. Shared web hosting packages really are made for those with no past experience or knowledge of web hosting because as well as full support, you will be able to manage your shared hosting package using a web-based control panel that will allow you to configure the individual features of your shared hosting service.

Upgrade Paths

If you find in a short amount of time that you are running out of resources on your shared hosting account or feel that the features offered are no longer in line with your actual requirements, it is fairly easy to upgrade to a higher form of web hosting if necessary. If you are only hosting your own websites then there will never be a need for reseller hosting, but you may wish to upgrade straight to a VPS server if you have exhausted all of the shared hosting options available to you. Although upgrading from shared web hosting straight to a dedicated web hosting service may seem daunting, if it is what you require then your web hosting provider should be able to help you with the transition, granted you’re not moving over to another web hosting company at the same time.

In conclusion, a shared hosting package is the perfect form of web hosting for those who are new to using web hosting services because of the low costs involved and the ease of managing a shared hosting package. As full support is usually available, you can rely on your chosen web hosting company to assist you with setting up your web hosting service, and if necessary they will help you with moving your data over from your old web hosting company. More or less every web hosting provider is going to be offering low cost shared hosting packages since for them it is a good way of remaining competitive in a tight market.

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MySQL Database Hosting

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

MySQL is a popular open source database system that can be used as the core of any database driven website because it is highly scalable and can be used for larger websites as well as smaller websites. MySQL database hosting is a standard feature of any web hosting package because MySQL server is able to run on any operating system meaning that web hosting providers choose to offer MySQL database hosting with their Windows web hosting services as well as their Linux web hosting services. MySQL is most popularly used with the PHP scripting language to create dynamic websites with PHP being used to develop the frontend whilst MySQL is used as the database backend. As MySQL Server is an open source database application, you won’t need to pay anything in order to use it and unlike Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition, there will be no limitations on what you are able to use the database system for. As your website grows, your database is likely to grow with it; because of this you will want to be using a database system that is highly scalable so that it can cope with your ever-adapting needs. Although MySQL is commonly used as a standalone installation, for larger businesses it can be more beneficial to use MySQL is a clustered hosting environment, as this will provide greater reliability.


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Windows Dedicated Server

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

Windows is one of the operating system choices available for dedicated server and using a Windows dedicated server will allow you to make the most of the Windows operating system in a dedicated hosting environment. When choosing the operating system that you are going to use with your dedicated server, you will need to consider your precise requirements; Windows will be able to offer you a number of features that aren’t available with other operating systems. Windows web hosting services are aimed mainly at businesses as is evident with the increased price points of Windows dedicated servers, although the applications and features that Microsoft can offer for Windows server users are very attractive to larger businesses. If you have any questions over the reliability of a Windows server hosting service then there is no need to have any doubts, primarily because dedicated server hosting services are highly reliable, as you don’t have to share any of your resources with anyone else. A Windows dedicated server can be fairly easy to manage if you have experience because you can choose to have a control panel installed on your server which will aid you with the management, although you will always be able to access your server via Remote Desktop.


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WordPress Web Hosting

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

WordPress is a popular open source blogging platform that is used by many as the base for their blogs, although it is also a powerful CMS that can be used to power the backbone of ordinary websites. WordPress is a PHP and MySQL based system meaning that it will operate on Windows and Linux servers, although some of the more advance features will only function correctly on Linux web hosting services. It is very easy to install WordPress as all you need to do is setup a MySQL database and then upload the files, from there it is just a simple case of following the installation wizard as this will do everything else for you. WordPress is ideal for small websites because it is very easy to manage meaning that once you have applied a simple these to your WordPress installation, it is simply a case of adding the required content to your WordPress blog. On the other hand, WordPress is also ideal for use in situations where the blog or website in question is going to receive a large number of visitors; this is because WordPress is a very scalable web application that can be modified to cope with large visitor numbers easily.


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Web Hosting Package

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

Web hosting packages, also known as web hosting plans in some situations, are what all web hosting accounts and server hosting services are based around as each plan defines the resources and features that you will have available as well as how much you will be paying. Web hosting companies offer a wide variety of web hosting packages based around different principles with some being designed for and aimed at home users whilst other web hosting packages are tailored to fit the needs of business users whose web presence will be of high value to them. When purchasing a web hosting package you can usually adapt specific features and resources to suit your needs, and some web hosting companies even allow you to develop a web hosting plan that is based entirely around your needs. If you are looking at starting your own web hosting business through the means of a reseller web hosting service or a VPS server then you will be able to develop your own web hosting packages that you can then sell on to your own web hosting clients; this will give you complete freedom meaning that you can look at what you have to work with and develop web hosting plans that will be highly profitable from there.

Features of a Web Hosting Package

The features that are available with your chosen web hosting package will depend on your chosen operating system as well as the form of web hosting that you have decided will suffice for your requirements. Any web hosting service will come with support for email accounts meaning that you can easily setup email accounts under any of the domain names that you wish to host. FTP accounts are also a standard feature of any web hosting package since you need to be able to upload files and your website to your web space using one method or another; this can be done through other means though if you are using a VPS server or dedicated server. The way in which you manage your web hosting package is another consideration that most web hosting companies have made and in most situations you will be offered some kind of web hosting control panel with your web hosting package, although the control panel provided will vary between operating systems and web hosting services.


All web hosting packages come with resource assignments, normally based on the type of web hosting that you are using as well as how much you are paying. The main resources to accompany web hosting packages include:

  • Disk space – the amount of disk space that you have available to use will dictate how much content you are able to store in your web space and this can manifest itself as images, web pages or any other file type – what most people fail to consider is that the size of your databases will also count towards your overall disk space usage meaning that you should always be monitoring your databases as well as your overall disk space usage to ensure that you don’t end up doing over
  • Bandwidth – this will dictate how many visitors are able to visit your website within a month and the amount of bandwidth used up by a single visitor will depend on a number of factors, although it is something that you can control yourself pretty easily – shared web hosting services usually come with bandwidth assignments that are usable to begin with, but over time your need for more bandwidth will increase as your visitor numbers increase – if you choose to enhance your website using multimedia content then you will further bandwidth since video and audio tend to be quite bandwidth heavy.

The resources available with your chosen web hosting package are going to matter to you as they will dictate when you are next going to upgrade your web hosting package. Once you run out of resources on your existing web hosting package, it is time to upgrade to the next highest form of web hosting meaning that you want your use in resources to scale with the amount of income that you receive from your website so that you are able to fund any possible upgrade.

Forms of Web Hosting Package

There are several different forms of web hosting to choose from, all of which are available as web hosting packages with different features and different resource allocations since all are designed for different purposes. The main forms of web hosting are:

  • Shared web hosting – as shared hosting packages are always the cheapest on offer, they are the most popular choice for first-timers that wish to play around with web hosting packages before committing to a more powerful form of web hosting that will be capable of offering them a lot more
  • Reseller web hosting – a reseller web hosting package won’t be able to offer you much more than a shared web hosting package, although if you are looking to create your own web hosting packages that you can then sell on to your own web hosting clients then a reseller web hosting service will be able to provide you with the features and resources necessary to achieve this
  • VPS server hosting – although you are provided with a dedicated web hosting environment when you purchase a VPS package, you are still going to be sharing the main hosting node with other VPS servers meaning that it isn’t quite fully blown dedicated web hosting even though you will have your own guaranteed resources that you can use however if you wish
  • Dedicated server hosting – a dedicated server is the only form of physical web hosting available as you will be provided with your own physical server that will be utilizing hardware resources – a dedicated server package is ideal for a business that has a larger web hosting budget since it is the perfect platform to use if you wish to expand your business and internet operations.

The four forms of web hosting are offered by most web hosting companies meaning that there is a wide variety of web hosting packages to choose from regardless of the web hosting company that you choose to look at primarily. For the best result you can always have a look at web hosting reviews websites since the reviews posted on such sites are normally quite informative and will allow you to make a proper decision as to which web hosting package and web hosting company will be able to fulfill your requirements to a satisfactory level.

In conclusion, web hosting packages provide you with a way of establishing a web presence either for yourself or your business as they are offered with the main purpose being the hosting of a website. As you are going to be hosting domain names on your web hosting account, a web hosting package will also be able to provide you with the features required to allow you to make the most of your domain names so that you can setup email accounts to use with your domain so that you can portray a professional image to your clients when communicating with them over the internet.

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Business Web Hosting

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

If you feel that your business website is important to you then you should choose the best web hosting service available to you so that you are able to guarantee yourself the best web hosting experience possible. Compared to basic shared web hosting services that are aimed at individuals and lie at the lower end of the market, business web hosting services have been designed with businesses in mind meaning that you will be able to guarantee your visitors security when they enter their personal details into your website, meanwhile you can be sure that you won’t be losing money due to downtime because reliability is something else that will be monitored a lot more closely with business web hosting. Although there are web hosting packages available that have been specifically tailored to suit businesses, you can always choose other forms of web hosting for your business website such as clustered hosting services or dedicated server hosting depending on what your specific requirements are and how much you’re willing to spend. Reviewing individual web hosting providers is also recommended as the result is likely to be that you are going to be spending a significant amount on your web hosting service; because of this, you will wan to ensure that you choose a decent web hosting company that will also deliver good value for money in terms of customer service.


Web hosting companies are keen to provide their business customers with a higher level of support than normal customers would receive as for them it is with businesses where the most money lies. Larger web hosting providers are able to offer 24×7 support to all customers, although as a business customer you are more likely to receive more personal support from your chosen web hosting company. Email is the most popular support method as it means that you can contact the support team at any time of the day; for management and reference, most web hosting support email systems pipe emails into ticket systems so that you can then keep track of the progress of your issue using a web interface and reference number. Phone support is also on offer in most cases, but with smaller web hosting companies they may choose to only offer phone support to their highest paying customers such as those using business web hosting. Live chat is similar to instant messaging but is done through your web browser; live chat support is usually there to sort out small issues quickly so that you don’t have to open a ticket.

Operating System

For most businesses, their choice of operating system is highly important since most business website are based on dynamic technologies such as classic ASP or PHP meaning that the choice of operating system will be the difference between their websites functioning correctly and not. For most businesses Linux is going to be the operating system of choice purely because it will save them money instantly; however, the requirements of some businesses will sway them towards Windows web hosting. Although Windows web hosting services are more expensive than Linux web hosting services, they are able to offer support for a wide range of Microsoft applications and technologies. Microsoft Exchange Server is one good reason for businesses choosing Windows over Linux, although the stability of Linux is usually a good counter argument used by most businesses when weighing up their options.


If you are selling your goods or services through your website then reliability is going to be of the utmost importance to you as downtime is going to mean lost revenue which is going to have a negative impact on your business. Even if you simply use your website to promote your business online, downtime is going to mean lost chances to get your business name known to people could be potential customers. Choosing a web hosting company that can guarantee you an SLA (Service Level Agreement) is recommended if you are able to afford it as this will mean that you will be provided with some sort of guarantee as to the level of uptime that you can come to expect from your business web hosting service. If choosing to go for a more complex form of web hosting such as server hosting, you will need to consider the extra skills required if you wish to make the most of such web hosting services; however, for business purposes you may wish to choose a managed server hosting service – this will provide you with access to a knowledgeable support team that will be able to deal with a majority of your queries.


If you are selling goods or services through your website then your customers are going to be entering their personal details into your website at some point. It is important for you to be aware of the security that is surrounding your website so that you can be sure that any data stored in your web hosting account is going to be safe. There will be a wide range of security measures in place on most web hosting servers meaning that the security of the server isn’t what you should worry about, but more how your website has been developed since weak code is a popular way in for some hackers. You should also take your own security precautions to assure your website visitors, for example SSL certificates are a good visual way of providing assurance.

In conclusion, business web hosting is worth the investment if you want peace of mind that your website will always be available when you require it. As business hosting packages are available on both Windows and Linux servers, you won’t need to worry about your requirements prohibiting you from finding a web hosting package that is attractive because of the price. As most web hosting companies can offer a higher level of support with business services, you will have the addition of being able to contact your web hosting company about any query you may have with regards to your web hosting package.

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