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Web Hosting Support

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

As well as choosing the right web hosting package for your requirements, it is important to look closely at the web hosting company that you are choosing so that you are able to ensure that you will receive a level of support which will be in proportion to what you expect of your web hosting package. Most web hosting companies offer support over the internet, via email and by telephone; these three methods of communication ensure that whatever your situation may be, you will be able to contact your web hosting provider to inform them of any problems you may be experiencing with your web hosting account. If you have high expectations of your web hosting package and require something that is going to be available all the time, it is a good idea to consider a web hosting provider that can guarantee 24×7 web hosting support as this means that if anything ever goes wrong with your web hosting package or the server that your hosting service is hosted on, you will be able to contact a support team that will be able to correct any problems in a short amount of time – this will also mean that they are likely to detect any problems much quicker.

Email Support

Email support can be beneficial in most situations since it allows you to quickly contact your web hosting provider regarding any problems you may be experiencing. Most emails are then piped into a ticket system, which will provide you with a reference number of your message so that you can keep track of your message. If there is an error that is preventing you from receiving emails then most web hosting companies can also be reached through their web-based support centres from which you will also be able to create tickets, whether these tickets be ones that are emailed through or created from the web interface. However, in some situations your issue may be overlooked meaning that it is advised to contact your web hosting provider through other means if your matter is one of urgency. Web hosting companies that advertise 24×7 support will generally offer email as their single way of being contacted at any time, mainly because support is usually outsourced to third-party companies after-hours in which case such companies won’t be offering telephone support.

Live Chat Support

Another popular option is live chat that is effectively a web based instant messaging system that will allow you to talk to your web hosting provider’s support staff instantly over the internet. Live chat is a good choice if you are looking to sort out a small issue quickly or simply have an enquiry about your web hosting service as there are usually many support staff available and simply because you are able to describe your problem there and then meaning that a quick fix is usually simple. Live chat is usually another option that is offered for 24×7 support as operators don’t necessarily need to be fluent in the spoken language and instead can used ‘canned’ responses. You will need to remember that live chat sessions are usually handled by level 1 support staff meaning that complex issues can’t normally be dealt with using this medium.

Telephone Support

Although not usually offered 24×7, larger web hosting companies choose to offer phone support to all their customers as they feel that this adds a more personal touch to the customer service that is provided; in some situations it can also be beneficial to describe an issue over the phone in person rather than opening a support ticket via email in order to solve the problem. Smaller web hosting companies and those that specialize in specific technologies will also be offering telephone support, although this support is usually limited to their business customers as the level of telephone support offered here is normally at a much more personal level and is usually provided around the clock. Like live chat support, telephone support is only really useful if you have a small issue that you feel can be sorted quickly or if you just have an enquiry; if you have an issue that is going to take time to fix then you should always use email support first.

Managed Web Hosting

Managed web hosting services will allow you to fully take advantage of the support services offered by your web hosting provider since managed web hosting effectively hands over control of your web hosting service to the support team so that you can request them to do anything you wish to your web hosting account if you are unsure of it. Although you will still retain control of your web hosting service, in principle your web hosting provider’s support team will be able to access whenever if you provide them with the login details as part of any support ticket that you lodge.

Unmanaged Web Hosting

If you wish to save some money then you may want to consider an unmanaged web hosting service, although for this to be effective you will need to have previous experience with the management of your web hosting services, particularly when considering VPS server hosting or dedicated server hosting. Unmanaged web hosting services usually manifest themselves in the form of server hosting simply because it is easier for web hosting providers to offer less support here than it would be for shared web hosting and traditionally, users of dedicated hosting have previous experience anyway.

In conclusion, the quality of the customer service and support that you receive from your web hosting company should be something that you consider carefully because you want to be sure that you can turn to a reliable support team if you find that there is something wrong with your web hosting service. If you are paying a considerable amount for your web hosting package then it makes it ever more important to receive high quality support because you want to be guaranteed good value for money. In some situations it may be better to consider a larger web hosting company or one that has been established for a long time as then you can use web hosting reviews to gauge an idea as to the quality of the customer service.

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SEO Server Hosting

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

SEO server hosting services are designed to allow businesses to make the most of their SEO campaigns so that they are able to capitalize on the time and effort that they invest into promoting their website through search engines. SEO server hosting is effectively dedicated server hosting, albeit optimized to offer you the best value for money possible as well as additional benefits in terms of the performance that is offered for the amount that you are paying. When conducting an SEO campaign you want to be sure that you are pulling out all the stops possible in order to make your efforts worth it; although an SEO server isn’t a direct SEO method, it will backup more common methods meaning that you will be able to see results much faster. When choosing an SEO server, it is important to consider a web hosting company that will be able to offer you a reliable upstream connection as this will provide you with a fast connection that in turn will allow you to guarantee that your web pages will be delivered to your visitors as fast as possible – this will also benefit you when it comes to search engine indexing robots.

An SEO server should be optimized for speed so that it is able to serve your web pages to your visitors as and when they request them, without any hiccups along the way. The main way to ensure speed in a server is to choose a server with a CPU that is slightly more powerful than you require so that there is enough overhead available to cope with load spikes; it may also be a good idea to choose a higher assignment of RAM for your requirements. When it comes to serving web pages directly, it is important to check that your web hosting provider will be able to offer your server a fast connection to the rest of the world; generally web hosting companies that are using multiple peer providers are the best ones for this as you will then be able to serve your website and web pages to visitors all over the globe.

Search engine optimization is normally a part of marketing a website online as you want your website and web pages to appear highly in search engine listings for the keywords that are part of the development and content of your website. Although you can normally carry out very basic SEO on your own, it is highly recommended that you consider using an SEO specialist if you wish to see the best results possible. Any SEO expert will recommend an SEO server that has been optimized specifically to your requirements since it will aid their overall SEO efforts; for example, most search engines will rank your website higher if they can see that you are using a dedicated server for your web hosting services as it demonstrates a certain level of commitment to the reliability of your website which will also benefit your visitors as well as yourself.

SEO server hosting will be able to guarantee you a higher level of reliability than any shared web hosting service can ever guarantee you. In this day and age, if your website is unavailable then web surfers come to visit it then they are highly likely to move onto another website that can offer the same content and information almost immediately, thus costing you a number of returning visitors. As most websites generate revenue either through sales or advertising, a loss in returning visitors will also mean a loss in revenue and this is more likely to have a negative impact. An SEO server will be able to provide you with a good level of uptime through the dedicated web hosting environment that is offered as this means that there is no need for you to share any aspect of your server’s resources with any others users.

The features of a dedicated server will help to enhance any SEO campaign. A dedicated server comes with dedicated IP addresses that you have full ownership and control of, allowing you to set reverse DNS on any IP address that you have assigned to your server as well as host any websites you want on your assigned IP addresses. Reverse DNS doesn’t really have any significance except for the purposes of email, but for some situations you may find it helpful to be able to brand your IP addresses directly under the domain names that you are hosting on your server. In terms of SEO, a dedicated IP address can be used to show a search engine that you are using a dedicated hosting environment for the hosting of your website – it can also be useful for the security of your web hosting environment as a dedicated IP address is required for the use of an SSL certificate.

If you have set to consider search engine optimization for your website, it is a good idea to begin to do so now as you will see many benefits – if you want to capitalize on your website’s traffic then you should do everything you can do boost the number of visitors that you receive. For small scale SEO, an SEO server probably won’t be necessarily as your requirements are unlikely to dictate the need for a dedicated server as for server hosting to be of any use you need to have a high traffic load that will make the most of your resources.

In conclusion, SEO server hosting will allow you to make the most of any SEO campaign that you are conducting as it will benefit you when it comes to receiving an overall search engine ranking. You should only aim for a high search engine ranking as this will guarantee your location in the top results for the keywords that you are targeting; the more relevant the keywords are to your content and information, the more likely your visitors are to return in the future rather than visit elsewhere.

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Ecommerce Hosting

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Ecommerce is an umbrella term that can be applied to a wide variety of activities that take place on the internet. From simple online shops to complex online banking systems, ecommerce plays a part in your everyday life, whether you realize it or not. Ecommerce hosting services are designed to offer the highest level of uptime as they your ecommerce activities are going to be providing your business with income meaning that downtime will mean lost money; similarly, your customers and/or users are likely to be inconvenienced by any large period of downtime. Security will also be high on the agenda with most web hosting companies as the data that is held by ecommerce websites is usually of a sensitive nature and is likely to be targeted by hackers every once in a while; the level of security available with ecommerce hosting will be dependent on the form of web hosting that you choose to use as well as how well your own website has been developed. A viable ecommerce web hosting package is one that will offer you a relatively acceptable amount of disk space to store all of the multimedia items that are going to be empowering your website whilst offering a large assignment of bandwidth so that you can expect a good number of visitors to your website.

As a business, you are likely to want a guarantee over the level of reliability that you will be provided with because you are going to be relying on your ecommerce website as a source of income in one way or another meaning that downtime is going to cost you. Considering dedicated web hosting services is a good idea as the isolation that a dedicated web hosting environment can offer you will mean that you won’t have to worry about the actions of others or their website impacting your website or web hosting experience. Depending on how important your website is, choosing a web hosting provider that can offer you an SLA (Service Level Agreement) is recommended as this means you have a benchmark that once crossed will mean that you will receive compensation for any downtime caused; as SLAs usually guarantee high levels of uptime, it is a good practice to follow.

Ecommerce websites, whatever the type, are usually busy in terms of traffic. If you are running an online shop then the chances are that you will be receiving a large number of daily visitors who are then becoming customers through the purchase of your products. In order to cope with large volumes of traffic you will want to be considering a web hosting package that can provide you with a good assignment of bandwidth. The amount of bandwidth that you have available to you will dictate how many visitors you can have to your website, although the file size of your downloaded web pages will also count towards this. If you are the webmaster of a growing website then considering a web hosting service that can offer you more bandwidth than you actually require would be a good idea since this will provide you with extra room in case there are a couple of extra days in a month where you experience a spike in visitor numbers (usually the result of increased advertising).

Your customers will want security. Ecommerce activities normally include the handling of personal data to some extent meaning that is highly important for you to choose a web hosting service that will be able to guarantee the security of the data that you are going to be hosting. For the highest level of security it is recommended that you store certain data in a password protected database; furthermore you should encrypt this data as it will prevent it from being of any use to any hackers that may attempt to compromise your web hosting account and/or databases. If you are going to be accepting credit cards or banking information on your website then an even higher level of security is advised – for the confidence of your visitors you may wish to invest in a VPS server or dedicated server. In any case where personal data is being collected, it is of the utmost importance that basic security measures are followed such as the use of SSL certificates.

When considering the size of your website, a larger scale multi-server may be more appropriate if you are looking to achieve 100% uptime whilst maintaining a setup that will also be capable of coping with high load spikes. Specialist e-commerce web hosting companies will be able to tailor solutions specifically to your requirements which can be of benefit to you if you wish to focus on the running of your business; if you have your own IT staff then again this will be useful as it means that you have the man power in place to monitor your server and hosting setup without having to pay extra. Clustered server hosting may be the answer to your requirements if you are looking to achieve high uptime as the number of servers available to you will mean that even if one of them fails, there will be at least one other server available to take up the role of the server that is experiencing downtime. This load balanced idea is highly effective as it will allow you to focus on other activities without having to worry and will mean that your IT staff can repair the crashed server without affecting performance.

In conclusion, ecommerce web hosting service need to be considered carefully as usually it is not just yourself that you need to consider, but also your customers and visitors – especially if you are going to be handling and storing their personal information. Whether you choose to use a shared web hosting service or dedicated web hosting service for your ecommerce hosting needs, you should still consider the same aspects of security and uptime as well as value for money so that you can be sure that your requirements are being met and that you aren’t being ripped off.

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Benefits of Internet Marketing

Friday, August 27th, 2010

The internet is one of the most cost effective ways of marketing your business these days as you have access to a wider audience than was previously possible as well as a range of different ways in which you can promote your business. Regardless of whether you’re running an internet business or a high street shop, the internet will be able to play a large role in the expansion of your marketing program to allow you to grow your business and to obtain a larger customers base, perhaps one that spans the globe. Internet marketing is a topic that can include various other forms of promotion such as search engine optimisation and email marketing; to an extent you could say that internet marketing is a term that can be collectively applied to a range of methods of promotion that will allow you to target a wider audience. Internet marketing can be fairly low cost when conducted efficiently, although for larger scale campaigns you may find yourself spending large amounts of money – particularly if you are going to be using specialist advertising agencies; however, making use of specialists will give you the best return on your expenditure and will benefit your business more in the long term.

The audiences that you will be able to reach through the use of internet marketing are probably going to be the main benefit on offer. As most people in developed countries have access to the internet in one form or another, you are able to target any audience you feel will be interested in your business and your goods/services. As the internet is an international network of interconnected computers, people from all countries are able to access websites, allowing you to target your business at an international audience rather than being restricted to targeting your target audience in your home country. Internet marketing campaigns can also be changed based on the following factors:

  • Age – with the rise of social networking websites such as Facebook, you are able to create advertising campaigns that can be targeted at specific age groups as such websites usually have a wide variety of information on their members held which in turn allows them to offer adverts that are more suiting to their interests
  • Page content – if created properly, your adverts are likely to be displayed on pages and websites that are related to your own in one way or another as advertising services automatically detect keywords within web pages to select the most appropriate adverts for that web page or website.

The cost of internet marketing when compared to more practical forms of promotion can also be of benefit to most businesses, especially smaller businesses that require good value for money from their marketing efforts. Although most online advertising services are commercial, the benefit here is that they are relatively low cost and offer a bigger return on what you lay down initially. Search engine optimisation is a good example of how internet marketing can be free as securing a top place in some of the main search engines for the keywords that are relevant to your internet business or website is a very effective way of driving large volumes of traffic to your business; however, in order for search engine optimisation to be successful you need to have a strict criteria that you wish to meet so that you can be sure you have succeeded.

Internet marketing can also provide you with a way of offering various other forms of communication to your target audience which will allow them to contact you if they have seen your business using different means, preferably the one that suits them best. One of the most popular forms of internet communication that some businesses have failed to embrace properly is email and you will find that if customers have an enquiry about your products or services then they’re more likely to send an email to you rather than phone you or visit you in your store, simply because its more practical and takes less time for both themselves and you. Depending on your type of business, you may also wish to offer live chat facilities on your website so that you are able to have real-time text conversations with your website visitors; such systems function very similarly to instant messaging platforms such as AIM and Windows Live Messenger meaning that the experience will be very familiar to yourself and your website visitors.

With the internet you also have a large array of ways in which you can market your business, products or services as the web isn’t just text based – multimedia can be used in any situation whether it be video or audio. Video advertising anywhere apart from the internet is only available on the TV and audio advertising only via the radio, both these forms of marketing can be costly and don’t always offer you the returns that you would like to see when you consider the amount that you have paid. With multimedia advertising on the internet you won’t have to pay so much and you are also offered the option of targeting your multimedia adverts at specific target audiences with ease. Other forms of animation include flash animations that are common place with most websites these days; the benefit of flash adverts is that users can interact with them within web pages which allows you to insert a number of different features.

As a conclusion, we can say that for cost effective advertising, the internet is certainly the place to be if you wish to achieve this. Although more practical forms of advertising such as radio and TV advertising may previously have taken a more front seat role, the internet is now playing an even bigger role in people’s lives than ever before and websites such as Facebook are what people are spending a good amount of their time on. Compared to practical advertising, internet marketing provides you with a way of getting your business and products in front of your main audience.

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Windows Hosting vs. Linux Hosting

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Windows and Linux are the two most prominent platforms in the web hosting industry and although some web hosting providers specialize in one platform, a vast majority choose to offer Windows and Linux web hosting services. Both platforms offer very different features, although they also share some features meaning that in some cases web applications are able to function on Windows servers as well as Linux servers. Either platform can be applied to any form of web hosting which helps to ensure that whatever your requirements are, you can select the appropriate form of web hosting that will be running the operating system that you require; for example, whilst Windows and Linux shared web hosting services are available, you can choose to have any version of either operating system installed on a dedicated server – both forms of web hosting are at opposite ends of the scale and market. Depending on what you expect of an operating system, it may be a good idea to consider a specialist web hosting company that will allow you to make the most of the operating system’s features; by doing so you will be able to make the most of your website and develop a system that will be able to provide you with a high level of uptime.

In terms of pricing, you are probably going to find Linux hosting to be more suitable for your requirements than Windows web hosting. As Linux is an open source operating system, web hosting providers can charge low prices for their Linux web hosting services as the overheads are rather low – the only cost that they need to consider is their own hosting costs, although in some situations they may be using additional commercial software such as control panel software. Windows on the other hand is a commercial operating system meaning that any Windows web hosting package is going to be slightly more expensive than a Linux web hosting service of a similar specification; however, this shouldn’t put you off using Windows web hosting as Windows has features to offer than Linux will be unable to offer you. The main idea is that the Windows operating system is targeted more at businesses that wish to make use of the enterprise level features that the operating system has to offer, whereas in terms of hosting, Linux is a more consumer-orientated solution.

The technologies that each platform is able to support are the main difference and are usually the factors that can affect the decision on which platform to use. Linux and Windows can both offer a wide variety of similar services; for example, PHP hosting and MySQL hosting are possibilities on both platforms as both technologies are available for Windows servers and Linux servers. However, there are applications and technologies that are also platform dependent meaning that they will work on one operating system, but not the other. A good example of a dependent application would be Microsoft SQL Server as it will only run on the Windows operating system thus meaning that if you wish to use MSSQL databases, you can only choose a Windows web hosting service. There are also applications that are specific to Linux distributions only; i.e. the cPanel control panel, a popular choice of many web hosting companies, will only work with Linux servers.

Both operating systems can also offer different levels of uptime and reliability due to the way in which they function, although you still need to consider that the hardware available will have an affect. Windows servers are usually restarted every time a new application or software update is installed and all of these restarts cost uptime meaning that the downtime can rack up over time; however, any inconvenience here can be avoided by changing the way in which Windows servers are managed. Linux on the other hand is much more forgiving when it comes to software updates and application installs meaning that you won’t usually need to restart the server, thus causing less downtime over all. The hardware available can also be an issue in some situations as low specification servers are always going to be more susceptible to downtime as it won’t take much to overload them; for this reason you should always consider a server that can provide you with slightly larger resource requirements than what you actually require.

In conclusion, Windows hosting services and Linux hosting services both have their own benefits and one of them will suit your requirements depending on what your needs may be exactly. As a business you will want to choose the operating system that can offer you the highest level of uptime in relation to what your needs may be; however, you may need to make some compromises if you have a tight budget that leads you to choosing Linux hosting over Windows hosting.

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SEO Web Hosting

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

When launching a website that you wish to aim at a large audience, SEO is likely to be one of the biggest parts of your marketing campaign in order to get your new website well known to your target audience across the internet. Search engine optimization is the task of preparing a website for indexing by search engines; it is done in such a way to achieve the highest ranking possible with particular target keywords so that the website itself appears high in search engine listings for the desired keywords. There are quite a few different SEO methods that you can take advantage of to benefit your website. Web hosting providers are able to offer web hosting services that are specifically targeted at those who wish to carry out large scale SEO campaigns since there are also changes that you can make to the way that your website is hosted in order to gain a higher search engine ranking. Although SEO web hosting services are slightly more expensive due to the extra features that they have to offer, if you wish to conduct a successful SEO campaign then you will find an SEO web hosting package to be highly beneficial in allowing you to achieve this.

The first part of any SEO campaign is identifying the keywords that you wish to target with the result being gaining a higher placing in search engine results for those particular keywords. Part of this will also be identifying your main target audience. Once you have identified your target audience, you will want to identify them by location so that you can choose the correct location for your SEO web hosting services. It is important to remember that the closer your website is hosted to your target audience physically, the faster your website will load for them when they visit any of your web pages. Loading speed can be seen as an important factor as if your website doesn’t load in around 3 seconds, your visitors are likely to move on to another website that can provide them with the information that they require.

The main benefit of using SEO web hosting, which is usually based around dedicated server hosting, is that you can come to expect a high level of reliability from your SEO web hosting service meaning that your website or websites will always be available for indexing by search engine robots. Since robots only crawl a website on the rare occasion in its early stages of existence, it is important for your website to always be available so that there is something there for the robots to index and this will allow for your website to appear in the search engine listings for the specific keywords that you wish to target easily and quickly. The higher level of reliability is aided by the isolation offered as if you don’t have to share your website hosting environment with anyone else, you won’t have to worry about the overall reliability of your hosting service as you will only need to monitor your own website.

An SEO server will also be able to provide you with a dedicated IP address for your website, something that search engines will also favour as it shows to them that you are using a dedicated server for your website hosting services which will help to aid uptime and reliability. When using a dedicated IP address you are also provided with the facility to set reverse DNS on your IP addresses to any hostname of your choice; this will allow you to air an extra level of professionalism if you set the reverse DNS on your main dedicated IP address to be the domain name of your main website. Although such measures may only seem small, it is important that you put in all the effort you can in order to make your SEO campaign successful.

In conclusion, SEO web hosting services are ideal for businesses that wish to conduct large sale SEO campaigns in order to increase the effectiveness of their online presence in bringing in new customers in. Although SEO web hosting services are more expensive because they are usually based around dedicated servers, they are highly effective meaning that the cost is usually justifiable as they represent good value for money.

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Reseller Hosting vs. Server Hosting

Monday, August 16th, 2010

When starting your own web hosting business, you are likely to have to make the choice between reseller web hosting and server hosting in order to provide your web hosting clients with the web hosting services that they purchase from you. Reseller web hosting is a form of shared web hosting whilst server hosting will be able to offer you your own dedicated web hosting environment; this key difference means that server hosting services offer very different features when compared to reseller hosting services thus enforcing the idea that you should carry out a lot of research if you are stuck with deciding between the two. If you are going to be offering web hosting services to others then you will want to be sure that you can offer your web hosting clients the best in terms of reliability and security since these are the two main expectations that people are going to have of you and your web hosting business. The pricing points of both forms of web hosting are also incredibly varying with reseller web hosting being the cheapest, but at the end of the day it is going to be the choice between a web hosting package that is easier to manage and a web hosting service that can offer you a lot for the price.

A reseller web hosting service is effectively a shared web hosting account that allows you to create other shared web hosting accounts based on the resources that you have assigned to your account and any pre-prepared web hosting plans that you have put together yourself. The main benefit of using a reseller web hosting account is that you won’t have to worry about the maintenance of the hosting server as this will be taken care of by your web hosting provider; however, at the same time this can also be a disadvantage since it means that you have to share the hosting server with standard shared web hosting users and in most situations there will be quite a few of them.

Server hosting on the other hand will be able to offer you a lot more as you will be providing with a dedicated web hosting environment. Dedicated web hosting environments provide you with a basic on which you can install any applications of your choice, thus allowing you to customize your VPS server or dedicated server so that it meets your requirements properly; however, you should still bare in mind that you are going to be offering your own web hosting services meaning that you should make the most of this benefit by securing your server to an acceptable level. The main disadvantage to using server hosting is that you are going to have to pay more for a VPS server or dedicated server than you would have to for a reseller web hosting package; this may be a problem if you have little starting capital, but you do need to consider the long term benefits of using server hosting over reseller web hosting.

At the end of the day you will also need to consider how often you wish to upgrade your web hosting service as reseller hosting packages are going to have a more frequent upgrade cycle over VPS servers or dedicated servers. Reseller web hosting packages do come with reasonable resource allocations that will allow you to host a good number of web hosting clients under a single web hosting package. VPS servers and dedicated servers on the other hand will come with much larger resource assignments that will allow you to host a greater number of users and with larger resource assignments. In any situation the likelihood is that you are going to need to upgrade a reseller hosting account sooner than you would with a VPS server or dedicated server.

A server hosting service may be able to provide you with a higher level of uptime than a reseller web hosting service and after all, you will have more control over the reliability of a VPS server or dedicated server than you would with a reseller web hosting package. A server hosting service will provide you with the facilities that will allow you to fully manage all of the web hosting accounts hosted on your server; if there is a web hosting client of yours that is compromising the reliability of your server then you can simply suspend or terminate their account to prevent further inconvenience to your other web hosting clients. When using a reseller hosting package, your clients’ web hosting services as well as your own reseller hosting account are going to be hosted alongside other reseller web hosting account and shared web hosting accounts, none of which you will have any form of control over; this means that if another account on the same server as yours is causing high loads, you can’t do anything about it.

The security of reseller web hosting services can’t always be guaranteed either because of the number of users that your web hosting provider is going to be hosting per single server although for the most part there are likely to be good levels of security in place. If you choose to use a server hosting service then you take advantage of the isolation that is offered by securing your VPS server or dedicated server to a level that is acceptable to both you and your clients – you need to consider that if any of the data that your clients are hosting is compromised through means other than them leaking their password, you will be held responsible.

In conclusion, reseller web hosting may be at the cheaper end of the scale but it does come with its disadvantages and you will need to weigh these up against the benefits to see if reseller web hosting really is for you. Server hosting on the other hand can be provide you with an isolated, dedicated web hosting environment albeit at a higher price, but in the long term you are unlikely to need to upgrade a server as often as you would need to upgrade a reseller hosting account.

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Why use reseller web hosting?

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Reseller web hosting allows you to host a large number of websites under a single web hosting package which is highly beneficial if you are looking to host websites for others or just want to host a number of websites for yourself. Although some shared web hosting services won’t cap the number of domain names you can host under a single account, reseller web hosting is different in the way that it will allow you to create individual client accounts for each website that you are hosting meaning that it is fairly easy to delegate control to others if you wish to. Reseller web hosting is available on both Linux servers and Windows servers meaning that regardless of what your specific requirements are, there will be a reseller hosting package available that will fit your requirements. You will find that reseller web hosting services will provide you with greater resource assignments than your average shared web hosting account, but the important thing to remember is that reseller web hosting accounts are usually hosted on the same servers as shared web hosting accounts meaning that you are open to the same disadvantages that affect the users of shared web hosting.

Windows reseller web hosting services are ideal for users that wish to host websites that have been developed using classic ASP or ASP.NET; furthermore, you will be able to create additional hosting accounts for others who wish to make the most of the features that Windows web hosting can offer. Microsoft SQL Server database hosting is also a standard feature of Windows reseller hosting and this will allow you to create dynamic websites that can utilize a scalable database server meaning that you won’t have to worry about the growth of any websites under your web hosting account as you can be guaranteed that the features and resources available will be able to cope with the growth.

Linux reseller web hosting services are usually offered through the cPanel control panel meaning that you will have complete control of your own reseller account as well as any sub-accounts that you create for others to use. A Linux reseller hosting account is ideal for the hosting of multiple dynamic websites that have been coded using PHP for use with MySQL databases; websites developed using both technologies perform at their best in a Linux web hosting environment meaning that it will be of benefit to you to use a Linux web hosting package for such a purpose. Linux reseller hosting packages may also be more attractive if you are to consider pricing, as Linux web hosting services are generally cheaper than Windows web hosting services.

If you wish to start your own web hosting company then reseller web hosting can be seen as a good starting point since you will be able to create web hosting accounts for others once they have paid you. Although you are going to be limited by your own reseller account resources, if you are able to make a profit from selling off web hosting accounts under your own reseller web hosting account then you will be providing yourself with a very good starting point prior to upgrading to something more powerful such as VPS server hosting. When choosing a reseller hosting account for this purpose you will want to be purchasing your web hosting service from a reliable web hosting company as the result of doing so will be a high level of uptime; one of the main features you will want to be offering your web hosting clients is a high level of reliability as this is one of the major deciding factors for most people.

A large majority of reseller web hosting packages will allow you to create your own web hosting packages based on the resources that you have available to you that you can then sell on to your own web hosting clients. Not only does this make the management of your reseller web hosting account easier, but it will also allow you to setup a larger number of web hosting accounts at one time, which will aid you with the growth of your web hosting business. It is recommended that you offer a wide variety of web hosting packages that all have varying resource assignments rather than just a single web hosting service.

Choosing a web hosting provider that can guarantee security for you and your reseller clients is also important as if their web hosting accounts get compromised, you will be the first one they will hold responsible. Most web hosting providers have high standards with regards to security meaning that if you choose a large and well established web hosting company, you are less likely to experience problems in terms of security allowing you to guarantee the security of your own clients’ web hosting data.

As a final point you may wish to consider the support that is on offer to you as the intermediary selling your own web hosting services. Most reseller hosting providers will be more than willing to provide you with full support which in turn will allow you to contact your web hosting provider’s support team in the event that you require a certain task carrying out. In some situations, as is the case with some of the bigger web hosting companies, they will also be able to provide your customers with a basic level of support related to the maintenance of their web hosting account; this can be highly beneficial for you of you lack a high level of technical knowledge or simply lack the time to deal with many queries.

In conclusion, you should choose reseller web hosting if you wish to host websites for others as well as yourself. Unlike standard shared web hosting accounts that allow you to host more than one website, a reseller web hosting account will allow you to create additional client accounts for the individual websites that you are hosting under your reseller hosting account. There are also benefits to be had in terms of resource assignments when using reseller web hosting.

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Benefits of Windows Web Hosting

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

The alternative to Linux web hosting is Windows web hosting, although Windows web hosting services are generally more expensive than Linux web hosting services due to the commercial nature of the Windows operating system. Windows hosting services are aimed at businesses that have larger web hosting budgets and have a specific need for Windows web hosting as a majority of the features of Linux web hosting services, such as support for PHP and MySQL, are available on most Windows web hosting servers. Microsoft offers a wide range of server-specific applications that are only compatible with Windows servers that are targeted at larger businesses meaning that if you wish to make use of one of these applications, you won’t really have any choice but to consider a Windows hosting server for your requirements. Windows web hosting services are ideal for the hosting of websites that have been developed using classic ASP and ASP.NET; these two scripting frameworks have also been developed by Microsoft meaning that if you wish to use either then you will only be able to consider Windows web hosting for your requirements as your web pages and scripts won’t function correctly on any other web hosting platform.

Microsoft SQL Server is one of the most scalable database hosting platforms available and is used by a large number of companies to help power both their internal infrastructures as well as their websites. As a database server it is only compatible with Windows servers meaning that if you wish to create a highly scalable website using Microsoft SQL Server, Windows web hosting is going to be your only choice. However, this can be a benefit to using Windows web hosting as Microsoft SQL Server is capable of coping with high loads and load spikes very well meaning that it is ideal for use in a situation where your website receives a large amount of traffic.

If you wish to use a database system that isn’t as complicated as Microsoft SQL Server but can still offer you a good number of features then Microsoft Access is probably going to be the right database application for you. Unlike Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access is a desktop database application meaning that you will need to purchase the desktop application in order to be able to create and manage Microsoft Access databases. Databases created using Microsoft Access should only really be used in situations where there isn’t the need for a scalable database hosting configuration meaning that you should only use Microsoft Access with smaller websites.

The support for classic ASP and ASP.NET is another benefit of using Windows web hosting as it means that you will be able to make the most of what the Windows operating system has to offer to Windows web developers. Although the ASP.NET framework is the only one of the two that is still actively maintained, classic ASP is still used by a large number of web developers for certain purposes meaning that it is important to retain Windows web hosting services that can offer support for classic ASP and ASP.NET web pages and scripts. However, it should still be noted that additional scripting languages can be used on Windows web hosting services including PHP and Ruby.

If you choose to use Windows server hosting, including Windows VPS server hosting and Windows dedicated server hosting, then you will be able to choose from a wide variety of server-specific corporate Microsoft applications that will be able to enhance your business. Such applications include:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server – this is the enterprise collaboration system offered by Microsoft to allow businesses to streamline how their employees communicate with each other and to provide employees with a better way of managing themselves – in order for Microsoft Exchange Server to function you will need to have your own Windows VPS server or Windows dedicated server, although if you are a larger business then you may wish to consider a cluster of servers as the answer to your requirements since by doing so you will be able to create a high-availability and scalable email hosting system for your employees
  • Hyper-V – if you are going to be using the latest version of Windows, Windows Server 2008, then you may wish to make use of Hyper-V to create a virtualized hosting environment – virtualization is an important step is making your IT operations more streamlined and cost effective as it will reduce the amount of hardware you will require by consolidating a number of servers into virtual machines on a single server and is becoming common place with larger businesses that want to cut down their spending.

Microsoft’s server-specific software products are targeted at larger companies that are not only able to afford them but can also justify the hardware requirements that are needed to ensure that the software is able to perform properly.

Windows web hosting services are also some of the most up-to-date available with Windows Server 2008 offering you some of the latest and best features available in the web hosting industry. Windows Server 2008 bought with it IIS 7 which is the latest incarnation of Microsoft’s hugely popular web server product; similarly, new features were also introduced such as Hyper-V which allows for the creation of virtual machines of any platform for use on Windows servers.

In conclusion, Windows web hosting services are able to benefit many businesses that have a specific need for Windows web hosting through the means of the applications and services that are classed as being only available for Windows. When choosing a Windows web hosting service you may at first be put off by the costs associated with them, but although Windows web hosting may be slightly more expensive you will find it to be worth it in the long term if you have a specific need for Windows web hosting. If you are unable to justify the cost of Windows web hosting then the only other option that you will have is to change how you work so that a Linux web hosting package can accommodate your needs.

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Benefits of Linux Web Hosting

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Linux web hosting services are the most popular around and are offered by a large number of web hosting providers due to the fact that Linux web hosting packages are fairly cheap to offer and if done correctly can offer large profit margins. Linux is an open source operating system meaning that web hosting providers don’t have to pay a penny to use the operating system and if you choose to go for a Linux VPS server or Linux dedicated server then you will realize that you won’t be required to pay extra for the operating system. As well as being cost effective, Linux web hosting services can also provide you with a greater level of uptime that will allow you to focus on more important business activities without having to worry about the availability of your website or any of the other services that you may be running off your Linux web hosting account. Security is likely to be one of your major concerns but as a user of Linux web hosting you won’t have to worry about viruses infecting the server that your account is hosted on as similarly to Mac OSX on the desktop, Linux servers are immune to Windows based viruses and the number of Linux-specific viruses around is fairly low.

Affordability is one of the major attractions to Linux web hosting for most web hosting customers. Those who have the most basic requirements aren’t going to be wanting to spend any large amounts of money on web hosting services meaning that they are going to be searching for the cheapest web hosting package available. Due to the fact that Linux is an open source operating system, it allows most web hosting providers to be competitive with their offerings of low cost web hosting services. Even though Linux web hosting services may be cheap, you will always be offered feature rich web hosting services that have support for PHP based websites as well as the facility to host at least one MySQL database.

Uptime (sometimes referred to as reliability) is one of the biggest benefits of using Linux web hosting as Linux web hosting servers are generally more reliable than Windows web hosting servers. Some of the reasons for this increased level of reliability include:

  • Software updates and patches – with a Windows server the chances are that you are going to be required to restart the hosting server every time you install a new application or application update and all of these restarts can collectively add up to a large amount of downtime – the difference with Linux servers is that you probably won’t be required to restart your server every time you install a new application or update to an existing application, although you may be required to for larger updates that affect how the operating system itself interacts with the hardware and/or the software that you are running
  • Better use of server resources – Linux as an operating system is generally more conservative of the system resources that it has available to use meaning that there are going to be more spare resources available for the applications that you use the most to use – a larger amount of free system resources will also mean that if there does happen to be a load spike at any time, there are still the resources there to be able to cope with this spike whilst maintaining the server and a low load constantly to help ensure stability overall
  • Better control of web hosting accounts – reliability is also something that can be affected by the number of web hosting accounts that are hosted on a single server – the software available for Linux servers such as the cPanel control panel can provide web hosting providers with a much better way of managing individual web hosting accounts to make sure that a single web hosting account isn’t able to overload the entire server using a single, badly coded PHP script or website.

The reliability available to you is likely to influence how visitors respond to your website as a website that is constantly down isn’t going to get a second visit in the eyes of most internet users. However, if you are able to offer a content rich website that is always available then you will be able to build up a good base of returning visitors.

Regardless of whether you are going to be using your website to handle sensitive information of any type, you should still be concerned about the level of security that your web hosting provider will be able to offer you. The main security features of a Linux web hosting package are likely to include:

  • CSF firewall – this is one of the most widely used firewall applications for Linux servers for the simple fact that it is open source and therefore free to use, but at the same time it is also effective in fulfilling its primary purpose as a firewall – most web hosting companies use CSF to block the IP addresses of any servers or computers that try to hack into them, thus meaning that this firewall application plays a large role in keeping your Linux web hosting account and the data stored in your web space safe
  • Mod_security – this is an additional module to the Apache web server and can be highly effective in the prevention of web based attacks through compromised PHP scripts and MySQL databases – any web hosting company offering Linux web hosting is going to be using mod_security to a good extent to help keep their servers safe from any SQL injections or other forms of web based attack that could take place – in order for mod_security to be effective, a large rule set needs to be used
  • Your own scripts – if you are going to be hosting a dynamic website that you have scripted yourself on your Linux web hosting account then you may wish to double check your coding for any possible loopholes prior to publishing it in an active hosting environment – when developing a website quickly it can be very easy to use coding methods that are either outdated or insecure when compared to other methods that are available and for the most part it is important for you to be using code that can’t be compromised by potential hackers.

Security is something that you won’t have to worry about with a Linux web hosting service, although in order to receive the highest levels of security possible you should consider using a highly reputable web hosting provider that has a good track record with security.

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